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The heart of Agape Skin Care is to show each client how to put their best face forward by starting from the inside at the heart of the issue. This is not just skin care this is life care. A change that starts from the inside out.
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Our Services

Mini Back Treatment
A mini and more relaxing back treatment.
Full Face Wax
Brazilian Wax
The Back Treatment
Do you have back acne? A backless or low back formal gown to wear? Want to prepare for bathing suit season? A facial for your back is exactly what you need!
Teen Treatment
A facial treatment focused on the one thing teens faces need most, resurfacing and extractions.
Sinus Drainage Therapy
Pressure points, essential oils, and some light effleurage and this will release sinus tension. 30 minutes Starting at $50
Scalp Therapy with Essential Oils
Scalp therapy can decrease stress, boost your mood and promote hair growth. Essential oils, calm, nourish and improve entire health of hair and scalp. 30 minutes Starting at $55
Lip Treatment
A gentle exfoliation of the lips and area around the mouth. Then with the use of the EpiFusion device and hydrating ampoule worked into the lips and area around the mouth. Helps to heal dry cracked lips or for a good hydration and slight plumping effect. 15 minutes Starting at $20
Brow Lip And Chin
Lash Lift
Lash Lift is an eyelash procedure that lifts and shapes your natural lashes. 1) It creates a wide open and less tired appearance. 2) It creates the illusion of having more lashes. 3) In some cases can help with your vision. The "Lift" lasts for 6 up to 8 weeks, even with routine mascara and facial washing. This is also safe to use in conjunction with eyelash growth products. Best results with tint.
Full Back Wax
From top of back to waist.
Microderm Facial
Acne Facial Treatment
This facial is geared towards emptying the pores of debris. For teens and adults. No facial massage and no massage during mask.
Ultimate Facial
Need a little extra? Uhm wait, deserve more? Treat yourself to an hour and a half of pampering for your mind, body, and skin! We start with a Mini Back Treatment THEN everything from the Signature Facial extended PLUS a second mask and luxurious scalp massage.
Chemical Peel Facial
There are four different levels of peeling: 1. There is pre-peel treatments (prep for peels, refreshes the skin) 2. Superficial peeling: 1-3 days 3. Moderate peeling: 2-4 days 4. Advanced peeling: 5-8 days. This is done in combination with Signature Facial.
Lash and Brow Tint
Get it all taken care of! Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted to perfection you can be vacation ready or simply prepped every morning!
Eyebrow Wax
I specialize in a most effective clean up with as little discomfort as possible. I love to help out sensitive clients and enjoy keeping each client's natural frame to the face maintained.
Half Arm Wax
From elbow to wrist OR elbow to shoulder
Eyebrow & Upper Lip
An eyebrow wax with an upper lip wax. *If you add this to a facial it is only $12*
Bikini Plus Wax
Everyone has their own idea and view of a "Brazilian Wax", I consider it a Brazilian when hair is removed from the labia. Anything up to that is considered a bikini plus. Basically I custom wax, you let me know what you want gone and I charge accordingly. Starts at $45. *ALWAYS EXFOLIATE A FEW DAYS PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT AND ALWAYS TAKE AN ANTI-INFLAMATORY 15MINUTES PRIOR TO WAXING APPOINTMENT!*
Full Leg Wax
From ankle to bikini line. An additional $15 for feet and toes.
Half Leg Wax
From knee to ankle OR from knee to bikini line.
Under Arm Wax
Consultations are always free. Come in, fill out the intake form and let's chat.
Lash Tint OR Brow Tint
A superficial tinting of the eyebrows or eyelashes.

Our Staff

Your Esthetician
I have been an Esthetic Artist since 2000. I specialize in client specific education of proper and cost effective facial treatments and home-care planning. I am also a master wax artist specializing in eyebrows and bikini waxing.

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