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90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue / Relaxation Massage More time than the hour relaxation to focus with deep pressure on areas that need extra attention. Emphasis is on removing blockages, realigning scar tissue, restoring mobility, soothing the nervous system, increasing blood flow to tissues, organs and glands, increased lymphatic drainage, and decreased stress.
50 Minute Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage This is your traditional relaxation massage. Emphasis is on relaxation, soothing the nervous system, increasing blood flow to tissues, organs and glands, increased lymphatic drainage, decreased stress. All resulting in a sense of peace and well-being.
90 Minute Private Yoga Session
50 Minute Bodywork/Trigger Point Session
Trigger points are hyper irritable points in muscles or connective tissue, commonly referred to as knots. These points often refer pain to different parts of the body and can also create an intense ache or twitch in the area of the trigger point. One session will work specifically to find trigger points and release them using firm compression and release cycles. Instant relief happens often after a thorough trigger point session. It is great to do on a regular basis for stress management and chronic pain.
Renew Package
One month program including wellness coaching, yoga, and bodywork. See patrickgood.com for more details.
2 Hour Thai Massage
Thai Yoga Massage is only available for a two hour session. Experience a combination of acupressure, gentle rocking and twisting, joint and spine mobilizations and assisted yoga stretches while fully clothed on a padded floor mat. The therapist guides your body through a unique relaxing, healing experience through weight, body leverage, gentle rocking and meditative rhythm instead of muscle manipulation by strength. Thai Massage can be enjoyed by all body types and ages.
80 Minute Bodywork/Trigger Point Session
West African Cowry Shell Divination
A private and personal divination, tailored to assist you in living more harmoniously in the natural world and in relationship with the spirit world. You may be assigned personal rituals designed to support your growth and your deepening relationship with yourself, and the natural and spiritual worlds.

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