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Individual 1-ON-1 Coaching (Hourly)

Individual Coaching (Hourly coaching sessions scheduled as needed) to explore mental and emotional blocks, resistance, and cycles of thinking and break unwanted patterns as they appear in situations while executing action plans towards long term and short term goals

$100 · 1 hour

Marriage Coaching (Hourly)

Marriage Coaching- (Hourly coaching appointment scheduled as needed) to help couples look at thinking patterns, past experiences, memories, and actions that have caused blocks and hindrances and prevent each person from moving forward, living in the present moment, and creating new experiences with each other.

$180 · 1 hour

Pre-Marital (Hourly)

Couples looking to get married and are engaged. (Hourly coaching appointment scheduled as needed) to present a biblical foundation to help prepare to enter the marriage relationship with a solid foundation in their relationship with God, communication with each other, conflict resolution, financial responsibility, and practical work-life balance awareness.

$150 · 1 hour

Free 30 min Consultation Session (For New Clients Only)

Free · 30 minutes

J & L Only

$120 · 1 hour

Promo (Only applies to clients who participated in Christmas Promo) )

$50 · 1 hour


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