Kelley Chiropractic and Wellness

​Kelley Chiropractic will be closed starting Monday March 30 due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Starting May 15, Dr. Kelley will be offering Mind/Body Emotional Relief - a service that will be conducted over the phone. See below for more details.

God-willing, we will reopen soon!
When we plan to return we will update this space and also send an email to our regular patients.

Dr. Kelley LeBlanc provides low force chiropractor adjusting - without cracking. She looks for the underlying cause of musculo-skeletal dysfunction and resets neurological patterns that disrupt balance and function. Advanced soft-tissue techniques such as Graston gentle address soft tissue problems. Exercise instruction and nutrition counseling speed patient recovery.

Our Services

Mind/Body Emotional Release - Via Phone
Mind/Body Emotional Release identifies unresolved, recurring thoughts, emotions, or body pain.These persistent neurological patterns can cause stress ranging from tight muscles to PTSD. Objective measures are used to identified specific factors that stimulate cortical, sensory, motor, and lymbic pathways of the brain, to "short-circuit" unresolved neurological pathways.

Our Staff

Dr. Kelley LeBlanc
Dr. Kelley LeBlanc provides gentle Chiropractic care, Graston massage therapy, Yoga exercise therapy, Mind/Body Emotional Release (MBER) and nutritional counseling.
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