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Vintners Venture - Wine Making First Appointment

First Appointment (of three) - Select your wine flavor from the Website. Everything from start to finish is included. Take home approximately 30 bottles of your favorite wine. Be your own favorite wine maker! Prices are set on the web page. Initial down payment of $100 is required at booking. (If paying via gift card... please book your first appointment with the second appointment button to avoid an additional charge let us know your wine selection in the comments field.)

$100 ยท 45 minutes

Vintners Venture - Wine Making Second Appointment

Second Appointment (of three). This is the working session to stabilize and start the clearing of your in progress wine.

45 minutes

Vintners Venture - Wine Making Bottling Appointment

Final Appointment (of three). Bottling day. There are six stations for bottling. All six can be run by one person or there can be multiple people as each. It's all up to you. Plan to take your newly vinted wine home!

1 hour 15 minutes


Dan & Kristen