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"Not Sure Which Coach or Writer To Work With?" Session (Virtual)

If you have looked over the FromWithin Staff Bios and you are still unsure who might be the best fit for you, Amy Magyar can help you find clarity based on your individual needs via a short phone call.

Free · 15 minutes

New Client: Coaching Exploratory Session (Virtual)

This 25-minute session is for potential new clients who are looking to find out a bit more about what it is like to work with a Coach and who wish to work with a Coach virtually. Talk to your Coach about your preference to meet by phone, Zoom, or Skype.

Free · 25 minutes

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, or Bio Exploratory Session (Virtual)

This session is designed for new potential clients to share the state their current resume, cover letter, bio or LinkedIn profile is in and to see what work might need to be done to bring those career communications up to speed with what's happening in 2018. Talk to Coach or Writer about phone, Zoom, or Skype options.

Free · 25 minutes

Current Client: Coaching Appt (Virtual)

This 50-minute session is for current clients that have experienced an Exploratory Session with their Coach and who are looking to schedule their session virtually. Talk to your Coach about phone, Zoom, or Skype options.

Price Varies · 50 minutes

CliftonStrengths™ Coaching 90-Minute Session

Focused on using the CliftonStrengths Assessment™ (Formely Gallup StrengthsFinder™), we help new or current clients get clear on the "who" you are and the "what" you bring to the table. Our clients use CliftonStrengths™ for getting clear on what they want next in their career, how to be a more impactful leader or manager, or for figuring out how to just live a life more fully in their strengths. This intensive 90 minute appointment is virtual, but powerful as in person.

$295 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Interview Coaching 90-Minute Session

Interview Coaching is a great opportunity for new or current clients to be coached through an intense 90-minute session where you will learn skills and techniques to get through multiple kinds of interviews. This is for clients seeking "one and done" interview training support. You will leave our session sharper, more clear and with great tools to use in your next interview as well as a "Interview Tip" study guide to lock in what you learned in session. This appointment is virtual, yet powerful.

$295 · 1 hour 30 minutes

SOS Emergency Coaching 90-Minute Session

You have an emergency in your career or personal life that you cannot possibly solve by yourself. You need help and you need it fast. We are here to help you find a solution, fast. We can be your confidential, objective strategic advisor. And we help you go from "shit" to "solution" in 90-minutes. This virtual session is designed for clients who seek immediate support and is a "one time" session designed to get to the root of the problem. We will help find some fast solutions to get you out of the proverbial hell you are feeling. If the time you find on our calendar isn't, "fast enough", contact our confidential Client Coordinator at

$295 · 1 hour 30 minutes

"I'm looking for a speaker or trainer!" Exploratory Session (Virtual)

Is your organization looking for a speaker or trainer? Our Coaches are committed to making sure you find the expertise and style you're looking for to inform, educate, and entertain your employees, clients, customers, and students. We can speak to a variety of topics including leadership, strengths-based coaching, responding vs. reacting, motivation, inspiration, communication, customer service, goal setting, life opportunities, mindfulness, and social responsibility. Schedule an exploratory call with us to see how we can get you the results you're looking for.

Free · 25 minutes

For Coaches: Coaching Exploratory Session (Virtual)

This session is for Coaches, or people interested in finding out out more about becoming a Coach. It will be a chance for Coach Amy to answer the questions you have about becoming a Coach, the ICF Coach Mentor process, or getting support as a current Coach in your business.

Free · 25 minutes

Alexandra Hughes

I get my clients to have breakthroughs in their lives, and tap into their strengths and values to maximize productivity, motivation, and goal-getting. Are you ready to amplify your life? I am a life coach, and I am in your corner.

Amy Magyar

My focus is working with: * Clients who are looking to become Coaches themselves * Current Coaches looking for coaching and business support * Executives or Business Owners looking to develop as leaders

Augusta Good Krahl

In my role as a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, I empower my clients' connection with their true selves to help them find clarity to take positive steps towards living the life they seek and achieving their career, relationship, wellness, or self-care goals.

C. Jane Taylor

Not adept at tooting your own horn? You’re not alone. Let me enliven your writing. I specialize in language and persuasion. Words and people fascinate me. Let’s work together to turn your writing into a compelling story that reveals your inner awesome.

LJ Nieulant

As a Career and Leadership Coach, I help you to put together a strategy and a concrete action plan. Together, we help you to stick to this action plan and achieve the goals that you have set yourself.

Lu Setnicka

I provide executive, career, and life coaching services to clients in all stages of their professional and personal development. I am a Certified Coach from the Hudson Institute. I work with people virtually as well as in person in/near Ojai, California.

Mary McClements

Known for her big, bold questions and her enthusiastic and insightful support, Mary helps women envision a future where their creative selves thrive. Mary grounds her life coaching practice in 20 years of experience in education and restorative justice, and in the belief that your natural strengths and embodied wisdom are your greatest guides for evolving your life story.

Megan Flanagan

My personal specialties include: ★ Business Coaching ★ Sales Coaching ★ Social Media/Digital Marketing Strategies ★ Mindset Coaching ★ Strengths-Based Coaching (CliftonStrengths™)