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We are a team of Board Certified Lactation Consultants offering home and office visits in the Portland, Oregon metro area.
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Our Services

Working and Breastfeeding Online Course
Women have always worked and breastfed, but in our modern day world it can present some unique challenges. This is a class for the soon to be working parent, as well as the already working parent, to explore the nuts and bolts of balancing work and family. Some of the topics we will discuss are: Pumping most effectively and efficiently at work Working with your employer to create a supportive atmosphere to pump or breastfeed your baby Creating a realistic plan with your family and care providers to support your goals as a breastfeeding mom Being familiar with pump options and other supportive equipment needed for the working/breastfeeding mom Please bring to class your pump and the bottle you feed your baby with. Partners and Babies can come, too. Partners are encouraged to come to learn about bottle feeding for the breast fed baby and tools on how to provide support for the working mom. This class is taught by one of our three (IBCLC) Lactation Consultants.
Initial Lactation Consultation
This initial consultation, usually about 90 minutes in length, includes a thorough health history of both you and your baby, observation and assessment of how your baby feeds at the breast, as well as a gentle examination of you and your baby as needed.
Follow-Up Visit
While some breastfeeding challenges may be addressed in only one initial visit, most challenges require additional appointments and care plan adjustments. Follow up consultations are generally 1 hour in length, during which time we will assess your progress and make adjustments to your care plan as needed.
Travel Fee
Travel Fee - Short Distance
Great Beginnings
Initial + Follow Up With Discount
Nurtured Start Package
Initial + 2 Follow Up Visits
Prenatal Breastfeeding Online Course
This comprehensive class focuses on providing valuable information to empower families in feeling confident and informed from the very beginning of their breastfeeding journey.
Education & Early Support
This is the perfect package for the breast/chest feeding newcomer. First, we come to your home with a comprehensive class focused on providing you with information that will empower you and your family to feed your new baby confidently from the very beginning of your journey. We leave plenty of time for you to ask all of the burning lactation & feeding questions you’ve been wondering about. Once your baby is earthside, we join you at your home again for your personalized initial lactation consult. These appointments are best made in the first days after your baby is home.
Video / Online Initial Visit
Our 60 minute remote appointment option includes a thorough health history of both you and your baby (we will ask you to fill out this charting information before our visit), observation and assessment of how your baby feeds at the breast, counseling and instruction on various aspects of your feeding relationship and plan.
Private Prenatal Consultation
In this appointment we meet with families during pregnancy to discuss any questions or concerns they have about breastfeeding. If you have had breastfeeding challenges in the past, we can help you create a plan for breastfeeding management prior to the birth of your new baby. Prenatal consultations are generally 1 hour to 90 minutes in length.
Video / Online Follow-Up Visit
This is a follow-up visit from an initial visit either in person or via video. We will re-evaluate your current plan and make adjustments as needed. We will write up and send you an updated plan.

Our Staff

Meg Stalnaker
Meg Stalnaker is the founding member of Natural Latch and is a Board Certified Lactation consultant since 2008. With warmth, compassion, knowledge and over 20 years in the field she has become one of Portland's top specialists in the field of lactation. 
Rosemary Ragusa
Rosemary Ragusa in an IBCLC whose work with parents and babies is infused with a passion for inclusivity and empathy.
Sejal Fichadia
Sejal’s passion for her work as a lactation consultant comes from the families she serves and her strong belief in creating a supportive village around new parents.