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Initial Consultation

Available to new clients only. We will discuss your concerns and how Cheerful Chatter can help. Initial consultations are not required prior to evaluations, but are required prior to enrollment in social skills classes. This services is not covered by insurance.

$45 · 35 minutes

Follow-up Consultation

A one-on-one appointment to discuss your child's strengths, needs, and priorities. This service is not covered by insurance.

$90 · 35 minutes

Individual Therapy

A truly individualized service. We will work with your child directly for 25-30 minutes. During that time, you may stay with us or observe from the waiting room. We will spend the last 5-10 minutes discussing strategies, techniques, and how you can foster continued skill development at home. After your departure, we will write our note, begin planning the next session, and thoroughly clean all surfaces.

$90 · 35 minutes


Ellen McSpadden