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-*ATTENTION WE ARE NO LONGER PROVIDING MOBILE SERVICES* -Due to the recent volume of no shows all appointments must be confirmed through the conformation text sent 24 hrs before your appointment. If the appointment is not confirmed we will assume you will not be making it to your appointment and will place someone from our waiting list in your appointment slot. -Our price selection goes to 70 lbs. we will no longer be able to accept any dogs larger than our listed weight limit due to equipment limitations on weight. This is for the safety of your pup. Dogs over 70 lbs are too big to safely stand on the grooming tables, any dog breed over the weight limit will be denied the appointment. Any dog who comes in and is clearly larger than 70 lbs will be turned away and charged a 25.00 last minute cancellation fee. Again this is for the safety of your dog. -When setting up your appointment request please put in the “appointment notes” section of your details your pets age weight and breed. We need this information to be able to approve the appointment as the age, weight and breed can affect the amount of time needed for the appointment as well as the price charged for service. -All add on services (Asian style grooming, spa package upgrade, nail polish, hair feather/tinsel, hair color, tooth brushing, nail filing) can not be scheduled by themselves. You must choose a basic bath package or basic haircut package to schedule an add on service. Any appointment requests for an add on service only will have to be denied. -Please go to and fill out our the grooming release form at the forms tab. This will make the check in process faster for you. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you and your pup!

5 minutes

🐩Basic Haircut

Bath with hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, 15 minutes of brushing, haircut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and plucked, paw pads and sanitary shaved, Final brush and fluff, bows/bandanna and cologne.

4 Options

🧼Spa Package

*CAN ONLY BE BOOKED AS AN ADD ON WITH A BASIC BATH OR BASIC HAIRCUT PACKAGE, BOOKING WITH A SPA PACKAGE ONLY WILL RESULT IN DENIED APPOINTMENT REQUEST * Spa package upgrade includes: double bath with special shampoo and conditioner of choice (whitening, skin remedy, flea/tick, etc) teeth brushing with breath spray, nail filing, nose and paw pad butter lotion

2 Options

🐶Asian style haircut

*CAN ONLY BE BOOKED AS AN ADD ON WITH A BASIC HAIRCUT PACKAGE, BOOKING THIS SERVICE WITHOUT THE BASIC HAIRCUT PACKAGE WILL RESULT IN DENIED APPOINTMENT REQUEST* Asian style haircuts, usually described as making the dog look like a stuffed animal or cartoon like in appearance, certain restrictions apply, not all breeds or hair textures can work well with this style of groom.

2 Options

🦮Nail filing

Nail filed with dremmel

4 Options

🦷Tooth brushing w/breath spray

Poultry flavored enzymatic tooth paste and mint breath spray that helps break down plaque on teeth

2 Options

🐕Deshed treatment

Furminator shampoo and conditioner helps open the hair follicles and release the shedding coat. Drying with the high velocity dryer helps release shedding coat. This treatment works best when done every 4 weeks, can reduce shedding up to 90% When done on 4 week schedule.

4 Options

🕷Flea/tick Shampoo

Flea/tick shampoo kills live fleas/ticks on contact. This shampoo will automatically be applied if live fleas are present during grooming. Kills fleas on the dog and can help repel fleas for 48 hours. Other flea/tick prevention must be used to repel fleas longer.

2 Options

🧴Whitening Shampoo

Shampoo that helps whiten and brighten white coats.

2 Options

🐕‍🦺Skin Remedy Shampoo

Shampoo that helps with dry itchy skin. Contains aloe.

2 Options

🐾Hair color

Safe, non toxic temporary color for dogs hair. Colors available at this time: pink light purple blue

5 Options

💅Nail polish

Non toxic nail polish. 6 colors available

$10 · 20 minutes

🦚 Hair feather

Feathers held in by hair bead. Feathers usually stay in hair until removed. Multiple colors available

$7 · 5 minutes

🐺Hair tinsel

Pink tinsel attached with hair band.

$7 · 5 minutes



Jamie has been grooming since 2014. She worked in a salon for 2 years and then ran her own successful mobile grooming business for 4 years. She has now closed her small mobile business to open a salon that offers the same one on one appointments and care. Jamie has multiple continuing education certificates in Asian Style grooming.