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Our Services

Partial silk press treatment
For leave out on traditional installs only (add on service only)
Please send photos Extensions not included
Short hair charge
Sew in touch up sew ins that was not done by me
Shampoo/condition/trim/foundation braids
‼️New Lux Beauty package‼️(kids 10 and under)
Kids over 10 need adult new lux beauty package. This package includes Consultation, Trim/hair cut,detangle and silk press. If the client is tender headed l will refuse service please cancel if you know this is the case. If the child is hard to service I’ll add a additional fee
Curls only (on partial Sew in)
Curls only Must arrive with clean dry oil free hair.
Stem Treatment
Parital Sew in With Silk Press TREATMENT
This service include the Silk press treatment lasting 3 months or 20 shampoos and 2-4 thin braids for the install. Thick hair is a up-charge please add on thick hair if it applies.
Speciality style
Hair up half down bonded extensions in the back
‼️New Lux Beauty package with Silk Press Treatment
This is the New Lux Beauty package with Silk press treatment. Services Consultation, Hair cut/trim, Silk Press Treatment, light detangle, and a plan for your hair goals.
❗️New Lux beauty package❗️ No trim or cut
Hair cut/shampoo/condition/blow dry
‼️New Lux Beauty Healthy hair package‼️
This is for new clients looking to start their healthy hair journey. includes a consultation, shampoo, hair cut/trim and silk press. (Silk press treatment is additional.) We will also educate you on your hair needs and goals. Please add on thick or long hair if needed. This will allow more time and price is additional.
Silk press follow up with partial sew in
This is a service for someone that already has a silk press treatment with partial sew in
Silk press TREATMENT
THIS SERVICE IS PERFECT FOR CLIENTS THAT IS 100% natural or have 3 or more inches of new growth. Lasting 3 months or 20 shampoos.
Silk press after protective style
this service will include detangle and deep cleanse
Silk press follow up (long or thick hair)
Shampoo/conditioner/Press (thick or long hair)
This service is for clients with long or thick hair if you have both please add thick hair to your service
Silk press (regular)
Shampoo/condition and Silk press If your hair is thick or long please choose the Silk press for long or thick hair. If you are a new client please choose new lux beauty package.
Silk press follow up
this service is for Lux beauties with the silk press treatment
Shampoo/style (short hair)
This is for short styles similar to pixie cuts.. hair cut not included
Shampoo/blow dry and trim
No style included
Shampoo blow dry only
Shampoo/condition/curls (long/thick hair)
Silk press long or Thick hair (Regular)
This is not the silk press treatment the treatment is additional this is for long and or thick hair if your hair is both please add additional thick hair to your service
hand curls only wand curls is additional
Traditional sew in
Shampoo and conditioner included Basic style only curls are additional
Squeeze in fee
Emergency appointments
Add on curls
This is a add on service
Silk it out one on one CLASS
This class is for stylist looking to enhance their silk press skills. We will go over products, technique,tools,marketing,social media, photos and more. A model is required and can be provided if needed.
Traditional sew in (thick hair)
shampoo/conditioner included
Lace closure sew in (thick hair)
Active sew in (thick hair)
This install can be worn up or down great for clients that is active.
Sew in touch up (after 12 weeks)
This is for clients with a sew in over 11 weeks
Sew in removal
this service is to removal your current sew in price goes up after 12 weeks
Lace closure sew in touch up
Shampoo,condition,tightening,lace replacement
Lace closure sew in
Sew in touch up with curls
includes shampoo/condition/tightening and curls
Wig install with shampoo, condition foundation braids and style
Lace closure units only
Add on service only If this is all you need please schedule a hair cut
add this to your service if you just came out of a protective style or your hair is tangled
Hair cut
This service is for Lux beauties that has gone longer than 8 weeks without a trim
Speciality hair cut
This service is for specials cuts layers, bobs, pixie eat
Sew in touch up
this service includes shampoo/condition/ tightening, and basic style curls not included
Socialite Status- Initial Hair Care Consultation (Required)
REQUIRED FOR ALL SOCIETY SOCIALITES. All SL Healthy Hair Society Socialites receive an initial care consultation in order to customize your Healthy Hair Plan. THIS IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY DO NOT start your customized Healthy Hair Care Plan until AFTER your initial consultation with Ronnita B. Huff.
Socialite Status- Monthly Hair Care Check-up's (Optional)
The SL Healthy Hair Society Socialites may choose to receive Hair Care check-up consultation's in order to keep better track of hair goals and to get personalized advice from Ronnita B. Huff. Each Socialite is allowed one check-up consultation per month. It is your responsibility to book your monthly Hair Care check-up.
Full Bonded extensions (Quick weave)
speciality cut not included
Late fee
This is for 15 minutes after 15 the price increase
After hours appointment fee $50.00
For clients needing services after work hours
Deep condition
This is a add on service
Protein treatment
great for damaged/shedding hair
Curls only (on extensions)
No shampoo this is on clean dry hair ready to curl
Add on bonded extensions
This is a add on service
Add on sew in extensions
Partial sew in
This service is 4 sew in tracks installed with a Regular Silk press.... price goes up with thick or long hair. If you want a Silk Press treatment there’s a option for that.
Upart unit
Extension shampoo
Kids hair cut
Thick or long hair fee
Add on sew in extensions
This service is for one or 2 braids added for fullness with sew in method
Add on Clip ins with style
This is to install clip ins and style
Extensions press curly to straight
3 bundles of curly hair pressed out straight
Card fee
Partial sew in follow up
Wig maintenance
Wig only
Additional service fee
This is for a add on or service that’s not listed on my menu
Kids Silk press (long or thick hair)
Foundation braids
Glue removal
Wig style only
This is for clean dry wigs getting straighten or curled
Kids silk press
11 years or younger

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