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Services Onsite: Technical Consultations/Repairs In-Home/At-Work (Brad Comes to you)

Brad comes to you at your place of residence or work to assist in identifying and resolving your computer and technology issues/problems. Additional Time onsite is charged per 30 Minute Block of time. The charge for the Onsite Initial assessment is not refundable. Also be aware additional cost may be charged for travel distance and time

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Services Onsite: Educational & Training In-Home/At-Work (Brad Comes to you)

Brad comes to you and offers onsite Training. If you need to how to do something in particular or help improving your general computer and technology knowledge or skills this is right for you. Note: this does not include technical services or repairs. Your equipment must to be in good working order or up to standard for suitable training to occur. Any technical support or repairs will be charged separately.

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Appointments by Phone - Remote Consultations / Remote Support Services (Offsite)

Brad provides you with help and advice over the phone. This may include remote assistance services if required.

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Loan Computers / Hardware as a Service

Loan / Hire of Temporary Computer Hardware / Equipment. Before booking equipment, please call 02 6732 5100 to discuss requirements etc. Eg, Loan Computer to use temporarily while your device is being repaired. Eg. Laptops to hire for Group Training.

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***Brad Use Only for Admin & Logistics***

Please Call 02 6732 5100 to discuss these items first. These bookings for example, include follow-up appointments for return of equipment after repair. etc. Cost is typically charged separately as part of other service or repair

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