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BRAD COMES TO YOU to MEETnGREET and Provide you with FREE CUSTOMER TRAINING - How to use the new "Ask for Help" & "Book an Appointment" ONLINE

FREE ONSITE / IN PERSON MEET AND GREET Brad comes to you. Meet and get to know Brad. Learn how to request Brad's help anytime. Learn how to book appointments online at the updated online experience.

Free · 30 minutes

BRAD COMES TO YOU for Computer Help, Repairs or other Technical Service for Home & Business

Brad will assist in identifying and resolving your computer, internet/Wi-Fi/network and other technology issues/problems. Additional Time onsite is charged per 30 Minute Blocks of time - please discuss rates with Brad. The charge for the Onsite Initial assessment is NOT refundable (First 20 Minutes)

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Coaching / Tutoring / Training In-house/At-Work

Brad comes to you and offers onsite Computer Training/Education. If you need to know how to do something in particular or need help improving your general computer and technology knowledge or skills this is right for you. IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not include technical services or repairs. Your equipment and services must to be in good working order or up to standard for suitable training to occur. Any technical support or repairs will be charged separately at additional cost.

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BRAD CALLS YOU - Appointments by Phone - Remote Consultations / Remote Support Services (Offsite)

Brad provides you with help and advice over the phone. This may include remote assistance services if required. This service is charged per 20 minute blocks of time or part there of.

$25 · 20 minutes


SUPPORT AND GIVE BACK TO A LOCAL NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANISATION. Pay a premium price for Brad’s time and service and he will re-invest / contribute / send up to 40+% of your spend to a local not for profit organisation in the form of a e-gift Card to use for professional IT consulting, advice, support services, training. (Not to be used for goods/products)

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For NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organisations ONLY **Special Services & Pricing**

These services are in Pilot Testing for comment and feedback. From July 1, 2021, these Services will be for registered Not for Profit Organisations. Pricing is typically generously discounted. Discuss with Brad a negotiated pricing plan that suits your organisations needs. Note1: May require Initial Setup of Remote Service tools or Accessories. Note2: MUST register Support Issues (with Ticket References) in Advance of customer making Booking. ***NFP Pricing is planned to be offered to Active Volunteers for Private work from July 1, 2021***

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Install and Setup a Laptop Or Desktop Computer (Brad Comes to You)

$198 · 2 hours

Install and Setup a Apple iPhone or iPad (Brad Comes to You)

$55 · 1 hour

Install and Setup a ANDROID based SmartPhone Or Tablet (Brad Comes to You)

$88 · 1 hour 30 minutes

File/Photo/Data/Email Backup / Recovery / Transfer or Upload & Migration to Cloud Storage

3 Options

Install and Setup a Printer (Brad Comes to You)

$55 · 30 minutes

Install Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrade (Labour)

$39 · 30 minutes

Brad's 2021 Computer Rejuvenation Service (Home/Personal Use)

***YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT SLOW BECAUSE IT IS OLD*** ***YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER IN 90+% MOST CASES*** Brad guarantees he will bring new life back to older computers - Guaranteed results, backed by a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and a full 12 Month Software Solution, Service and Labor Warranty. (Excludes HW Faults/Physical Damages) - If your older computer is still running Windows 7, this will also include testing and migration to Windows 10.

4 Options

Guaranteed Virus/Malware Removal with Full Backup & Clean OS Install & Re-Install needed Sofware, Restore from backup of needed Files

$198 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Online Security Audit, Security Better Practices, Password Management Tools and Tips

$149 · 2 hours

Rent a I.T Manager as a Service (by the day)

8 hours

Enterprise Grade Cloud Services - Microsoft 365 Business Premium

8 Options

Business Grade Network Services, Managed Core Network and Managed Wi-Fi Service

7 Options

Business Grade Voice Services / Voice over IP / Phone / Telephony / SIP Trunks (Telstra Alternative)

9 Options

Brad's 2021 Computer Transformation Service (for Business Use)

$220 · 2 hours 30 minutes

New Device Setup (Brad comes to you)

4 Options

Vendor Management of Internet Service Provider / NBN service issues

Let Brad get the stick out and cut through the BS and use his experience and know how of how to manage ongoing or reoccurring issues with your service provider. Brad will get you the results you require and deserve.

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Event Hire Large Area Wi-Fi, Networking, Internet Access

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Rural / Remote Wide area/ Long Distance WiFi Networks

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YOU COME TO BRAD for Computer Help, Repairs or other Technical Service or Consultation

You come to Brad at pre-booked time at 93 Abbotts Road, Glen Innes. NSW 2370. Visits to this address without advanced booking are strongly discouraged

Call 02 6732 5100 · 30 minutes

*Urgent Priority Service | Major Incident Management | Business Critical Event | BRAD COMES TO YOU -

In an emergency... * * * BREAK GLASS HERE * * *

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Emergency Equipment Loan / Hardware as a Service

Loan / Hire of Temporary Computer Hardware / Equipment. Before booking equipment, please call 02 6732 5100 to discuss requirements etc. Eg, Loan Computer to use temporarily while your device is being repaired. Eg, broken printer? Do you need an urgent temporary replacement device while your source a new replacement or wait for order / delivery Eg. Laptops to hire for Group Training.

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*Other Services*

Please Call 02 6732 5100 to discuss these items first. These bookings for example, include follow-up appointments for return of equipment after repair. etc. In most cases, Brad will make these bookings for and on your behalf.

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General Appointments by Standard Hourly Rate

- Non Packaged/Bundled Services - General Consultations

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