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Networking Call

Let’s Connect on a short 15-30 minute phone call. I will introduce myself and my company and how we can be of service to you. When you book this service please select “your location” and I will call the number provided. This call Is for business and networking purposes only. If you are interested in booking a suit consultation please select Virtual or in person appointment.

Free · 30 minutes

Image Consultation

This appointment is virtual and will be completed via zoom. I will send the zoom invite once you schedule your appointment. In my experience I have helped numerous clients land six figure jobs but helping them upgrade their image and confidence. Most people have the skill set and the experience to 10x their income but they lack Image, confidence and posture. The truth of the matter is success has a dress code. Every successful person you can think of probably dresses apart. This is where I come in to help you go to the next level. This is a one on one consultation in which we talk about your goals and outline a plan to upgrade your image to help you achieve these goals. When we finish our time together you will have a image and wardrobe plan that you can implement immediately.

$50 · 30 minutes

Free Consultation- Virtual

I need to evaluate my options before I make a purchase. This is a free private virtual appointment with a clothier to discuss the process and pricing before placing a new order. *Please put your wardrobe needs in the appointment notes. Ex. “Wedding, prom, business attire”

Free · 30 minutes

New Client New Order - In Person

I'm a new customer and need to make a purchase. This is a private appointment with a clothier who will take up to 31 measurements and guide you through the process of designing your first ensemble.

Free · 1 hour

Repeat Client New Order - In Person

You already have my measurements, I'm coming in to shop.

Free · 30 minutes

Try on-fitting

My first Basted fitting has arrived or my suit has arrived. This is a private appointment with a clothier who will guide you to achieve the perfect fitting garments you've been expecting.

Free · 30 minutes

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