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Long & Feirce (Nail Extension with tips)

4 Options

Short & sweet (Natural nails, No tips)

4 Options

No Electric File Long Nails

Had a bad experience being nipped? Ouchies!!!! We get it! Then this is the option for you! We will extend your nails without filing or drilling after we apply the product.

$110 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Manicure on natural nails (no nail tips) plus gel polish and complementary nail art.

2 Options


Get amazing toes painted with gel polish plus complementary nail art.

4 Options


We have pre-selected 3 types of nail art to help you make the right choice. 1. Complementary: Includes glitter, touch of shimmer and shine, Chrome and foils 2. Funky: Includes cat eye and marble designs, hand drawn flowers & leopard print and embedding shapes and glitter into your nails 3. Wow: Includes hand drawn complex nail art that is sure to get you complements all day every day. Have a design in mind? Message us your design and we can let you know the cost and time it takes. Please note this does NOT include any nail service. Please also choose a nail service

3 Options

Man-icure (Clean & care for men)

Be presentable, let us help you by cleaning and tidying up your nails

$55 · 1 hour

Builder Gel Extension

Healthy, odorous builder gel extensions with nail tips to extend the length of your nails. Plus complementary nail art.

$110 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Builder Gel on Natural nails

Healthy, odorous mani on natural nails (No nail tips). Plus complementary nail art.

$80 · 2 hours


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