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Permanent Makeup
Eyelash extensions
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Our Services

Brow - Shaping only
trimming and waxing service
Brow - Tinting only
coloring grey brows or darkening the color of brows
Brow - Shaping and Tinting
Permanent Makeup Consultation and Preparations
Permanent Makeup - Eye Brows (1st procedure)
2 visits
Permanent Makeup - Eye Brows (2nd procedure)
Permanent Makeup - Eye Brows (re-touch)
Permanent Makeup - Eye Liner (1st Procedure)
2 visits
Permanent Makeup - Eye Liner (2nd procedure)
Permanent Makeup - Eye Liner (re-touch)
Classic Eyelash Extension - New Full Set
Classic Eyelash Extension - Longer Fill
Classic Eyelash Extension - Regular Fill
Classic Eyelash Extension - Mini Fill
Hybrid Eyelash Extension - Full Set
Hybrid Eyelash Extension - Longer Fill
Hybrid Eyelash Extension - Fill
Volume Eyelash Extension - Full Set
Volume Eyelash Extension - Longer Fill
Volume Eyelash Extension - Regular Fill
Russian Volume Eyelash Extension - Full Set
Russian Volume Eyelash Extension - Longer Fill
Russian Volume Eyelash - Fill
Eyelash Extension Allergy Testing and/or Consultation
If you have sensitive eyes and/or -worries about having allergy reactions with your first time eyelash extensions services or -had allergy reaction to glues with previous lash extensions services Please consider doing allergy test before your new full set. We are going to apply 10 lashes on your each eyes and wait 24hours to see if you have reaction to glues. This is recommended procedure specially for people with sensitive eyes.
Eyelash extension - removal
Waxing - Brows
Waxing - Upper Lip
Waxing - Brow and Lip
Waxing - Chin
Waxing - Side Burn
Waxing - Hair Line
Waxing - Full Face with calming mask
Threading - Brow
Threading - Upper Lip
Threading - Brow and Lip
Threading - Chin
Threading - Full Face

Our Staff

Cecilia Lim
Cecilia is the owner of Brow and lash, with 12 years experience in Permanent Makeup and Eyelash extensions. She specializes in Permanent makeup on brows with Microblading and Soft-powered techniques, also mastered in Permanent Eyeliner procedure.
Chloe specializes in Classic Eyelash extension services and Brow Shaping. She's a perfectionist! She will make sure your eyelashes are done right and pretty!
Sedona Chen
Sedona is very talented senior Eyelash technician with many years of expirience. She's a perfectionist! Very detail oriented, takes price of her work and cares for her clients. She specializes in volume and classic lashes.