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Akashic Records Reading - 1 Hour Session

Consultation in the Akashic Records (your soul's library of current and past life information) to receive information to answer your important life questions. (In-person, phone, or Skype reading.)

$140 · 2 hours

Detoxification Session (Med. Intuitive)

Medical intuitive work to detoxify and restore specific aspects of the physical body. Includes clearing of medications, food colorings, preservatives, dead cells, dead parasites and parasitic waste products, parasites and infestations, cellular wastes, calcifications, mineralizations, Petrol, and more. Also includes Central Nervous System clearing and restoration, Immune System restoration and reintegration, Clearing of Muscle Stiffness, Restoration and Reintegration of Nerve and Nerve Junctions, and Lymphatic System clearing.

$70 · 30 minutes

Angel Party

Group Angel Card Readings and intuitive guidance for special occasions in your home, my office, or at designated Angel party location. Small additional mileage fee may apply for locations further than 20 miles RT from office.

2 Options

Angel Reading/Angel Card Reading

Skype, phone, in-person, or email reading. 

2 Options

Angel Therapy Session - 1-Hour Session

This is a 1- hour session that includes Angel Card reading, spiritual counseling, and Angelic healing with the Archangels. Skype, phone, or in-person. 

$140 · 2 hours

Angelic Life Coaching Session - 1 Hour Session

This is a 1-hour session providing assistance with life path, decision making, Divine Life Purpose issues, etc.

$140 · 2 hours

Angelic Reiki Healing Session - 1-Hour Session

Angelic Reiki is a safe, natural, high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion that allows connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to your Soul energy in order to bring through powerful healing. Available in person or via distance healing.

$140 · 2 hours

Chakra Balancing Session - 1-Hour Session

Balance, heal, and align chakras. Distance or in-person session available.

$140 · 2 hours

Core Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Counseling, or Divination Session

May include shamanic extraction healing, power animal retrieval, restoring lost power or soul fragments, seeking guidance and information, etc. Includes feedback/suggestions.

2 Options

Crystal Energy Healing Session 1-Hour

Includes healing with specially-selected healing crystals placed on the body, as well as aromatherapy and hands-on energetic healing to facilitate balance, releasing, healing, and inner peace. Includes feedback/suggestions.

$140 · 2 hours

Energetic Cord Cutting Session

Cutting, clearing, and releasing negative energetic connections between client and others that no longer serve client's Highest Good. Work includes healing to seal in the area where cuts were made, as well as placement of Holy Water on these areas to further overall healing of client.

2 Options

Hara & Chakra Repair Session

Assess and repair Hara (central line of energy running through energy system) and Chakras. Distance or in-person session.

2 Options

House, Office, or Property Clearing

Angelic, shamanic, and energetic releasing of negative energy, discarnates, and entities from the home, business, and/or land. (Additional fee may apply for larger property or if your location is over 20 miles from our office.)

2 Options

​In-Home/Facility Holistic Healing & Social Work Support Session For Elderly/Shut-Ins

Includes a combination of energetic healing (Reiki, Angelic Healing, Archangelic Light, Shamanic Healing, Chakra Balancing), intuitive spiritual counseling, crystal healing, medical intuitive support, sound/music healing, and/or aromatherapy. (Small additional transportation fee may apply if client is further than 20 RT miles from office.) Email feedback/suggestions provided to caregivers as desired.

2 Options

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling Session

Connect with Angels and Ascended Beings to receive channeled guidance and support for significant life issues. Skype, phone, Facetime, or in-person session.

3 Options

Life Force Healing Session - 30-Minute Session

Life Force Healing brings mental/physical/emotional/spiritual healing, as well as clearing extraneous energies/entities that should not be present in or around the body of the client. Life Force Healing also prevents recurrence of these extraneous energies, and provides protective healing around the client. Life Force healing also clears negative thought patterns of client for 3-month period. This healing technique stands alone or dove-tails beautifully with other energy healing modalities.

$70 · 2 hours

Medical Intuitive Healing & Counseling Session (Established Client)

Energetic assessment and treatment of client's existing medical issues, including identification of underlying causative factors for the purpose of healing. Distance sessions via Skype/IPhone or phone, or in-person session.

2 Options

Medical Intuitive Initial Consultation (New Client) - 90 min.

Consult with new client about physical/mental/emotional issues. Assess and begin medical intuitive treatment. Distance via IPhone/Whatsapp or phone.

$210 · 2 hours

​Past Life Angel Therapy Session - 1-Hour Session

Accessing Akashic Records with the Angels to explore, heal, and clear client's current and past life issues/patterns/fears. Skype, phone, or in-person session.

$140 · 2 hours

Past Life Regression Healing Within The Shamanic Journey &//Or Past Life Soul Retrieval

Past Life Regression/Exploration/Healing via Shamanic Journey or Angel Therapy. (Skype, Facetime, or in-person session.)

2 Options

Animal Healing &/or Animal Communication Consultation

In Person or Distance Session -- Consultation, medical intuitive work, animal communication work, energetic/spiritual healing (Angelic Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Healing Chakra Balancing, etc.) Small additional charge may apply if travel to pet's home for session is more than 20 miles RT from office.

2 Options

Quantum Clearing Session - 1 1/2 to 2 Hours

Deep soul clearing of core emotional/spiritual/psychological/physical issue. Distance healing via Skype/phone, or in-person session. This is transformative, permanent, multi-modal medical & psychological intuitive work. Suggestions/feedback provided.

$222 · 2 hours

Reiki Healing &/or Archangelic Light Healing Session

Energetic healing to promote balance, healing, and inner peace. Addresses underlying cause(s) of illness or conditions. Includes feedback/suggestions. In-person or distance healing (via phone, Skype, Facetime).

2 Options

Soul Retrieval Session

Retrieving lost aspects of the Soul that were separated from the client due to trauma, loss, shock, severe illness, accidents, etc. Includes feedback/suggestions.

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Marcia Hebrank