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Foot Scrub

Add a delightful 15 minutes to the end of your session, where you will receive a foot scrub and hot towel treatment.

$25 ยท 30 minutes

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage Session

Best used for first time sessions, relaxation, or beginning pain relief work.

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Cupping Massage Sessions

Cupping techniques have been around for thousands of years, traced as far back as the ancient Greek civilizations. Throughout these massage sessions, silicone cups will be used to assist with tension release, with a focus on neuromuscular work. This is not a traditional cupping style, there will continue to be massage throughout the session! Other tools may be used occasionally, however if you would like additional full sets, please add them on.

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Hot Tool Massage

For a 30, 60, or 90 minute massage using a full set of heated tools (like hot stones), please select this option. This massage is Swedish/deep tissue and will be customized to your needs. Due to the amount of services now available, I will have a limited amount of each available for each session. Additional tools can be requested to add on to all sessions.

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Insurance Session

Deep tissue massage which focuses on specific areas of pain, and is paid by insurance.

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Prenatal Massage

While pregnant, your body requires a different kind of care. From focusing on relief for hips, knees, and back to releasing endorphins for overall relaxation, prenatal massage is a great offer for yourself and your growing human!

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Ashley Disrud