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Our Services

Line up/Shape up
Line marked around haircut and, where appropriate, the front hairline. Performed with trimmers and, if desired, a razor.
Haircut And Shave
Haircut And Deluxe Shave
Adult haircut
Haircut service expertly performed with high quality tools and advanced, ancient, and classic techniques.
Children's Haircut
12 years old and under
Beard Trim
Beard trimmed and shaped to specifications. Finished with a heat-activated astringent, menthol cream, facial massage, luxurious lavender-infused steam towel, and rose water.
Classic Shave
Steam is applied for roughly two minutes, then a hot towel is applied. Premium pre-shave and shaving products are used. The shave is performed with a gentle and expert hand. Finished with a heat-activated astringent, menthol cream, luxurious lavender-infused steam towel, and rose water.
Deluxe Shave
Steam towel luxury shave. Same as Classic Shave, but ended with a soothing rose clay mask application.
Rose Clay Mask
Facial service started with a lemon-infused steam towel. The face is then cleansed with a special natural cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, and special tools. Service is topped off with a soothing rose clay mask.
Full Service Facial
Facial steamer applied, pores cleansed with natural cleanser, blackheads removed. Face is moisturized, pH balanced, massaged, and completely renewed. An invigorating yet relaxing experience that is 100% organic, 100% oil and grease-free
Express Charcoal T-Zone Facial
A highly efficient way to remove impurities from facial pores in the "T-Zone" (forehead and nose). Rose water mist applied after. Best if booked together with a Haircut or Beard Trim.
Osage Rub Scalp Treatment
Premium shampoo with warm water refreshes and cleanses followed by luxurious conditioner. Osage rub carefully massaged into scalp finished off with a steam towel for a rejuvenating and refreshing feeling. Stimulates circulation and promotes scalp health and renewal.
Premium shampoo with warm water refreshes and cleanses the scalp and hair to remove sweat, build-up, excess oil & other impurities. Premium conditioner rinsed with cool water cools, moisturizes, and strengthens the scalp and hair.
Thermal Scrub for Scalp Relief
Luxurious shampoo service followed by a special Thermal Scrub. Our Thermal Scrub has an exfoliating sugar scrub that deeply cleanses removing dirt, oil, debris, and toxins. Reduces the inflammation of bumps and irritation of the scalp. Finished with a steam towel.
Ingrown Hair Removal
Never have to deal with irritating ingrown hair again. The affected area is generally treated by deep pore steaming, cleansing, and exfoliating. Each ingrown is then individually released and carefully removed. For face, chin, and/or neck. *IMPORTANT*: The first hair removed costs $20 *UNLESS* this service is booked in conjunction with: Rose Clay Mask, Full Service Facial, Thermal Scrub for Neck Relief.
Barber's massage
10 minute Tea Tree based scalp treatment accompanied by an invigorating massage of the scalp, neck, and shoulders. Promotes blood flow and healing. Recommended for after a hair cut service
Head Shave
The best option for maintaining a cleanly shaven head. Scalp carefully prepared with steam and hot towels. Shave expertly executed with a gentle and expert hand. Invigorating post-shave process protects your scalp and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy.
Razor Fade
Expertly executed skin fade. Sides shaved with a luxurious preshave process and an expert hand. Finished with my invigorating and unique hot towel post shave process.

Our Staff

Peter Leavitt
I've been a Barber since 2010 and a Master Barber since 2017. I have been and continue to be taught by great professionals my whole career. I pride myself on the results of this education: Premium quality haircuts and clinical services achieved with a high level of technique. My techniques are sometimes ancient, like my razor haircutting and shaving techniques. Some are modern, like my soothing, invigorating facial and scalp treatments. I don't use plastic guards or rely on "numbers" to cut your hair, so you can rest assured that your haircut will be tailored to you. I have an expert knowledge of all hair types, and can provide service to anyone who allows me the privelege regardless of curl pattern or hair texture. It is an enormous privelege to have this profession. I would be honored to provide a professional, high-quality barbering service to you.