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While the Saint Charles location is new, Body & Spirit Massage by Erin has been open to client appointments since 1999! Erin the owner has over 20 years experience as a massage therapist. Erin's associate therapists have been hand-picked for their talent and skill. When you come to Body & Spirit Massage by Erin there are two things you can count on; a great massage and a wonderful staff!
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Our Services

The Road To Wellness
The Trifecta of a HAPPIER healthier YOU! #1. Dry skin brushing to activate lymph,immune,circulation, detox, metabolism,fighting cellulite AND delivers feeling of vitality! #2. Our signature Raindrop Therapy (detox,immune,muscle soothing, nerve calming) #3. Massage and foot reflexology (detox, immune, calming, rebalancing) The PERFECT "Reboot" to set you on the Road To Wellness!
3hr Chair Massage For 2
3 glorious hours of massage at your business 😊
Massage and Reflexology
Our fan favorite! A full body therapeutic massage is only the beginning..let us give you happy feet with our homemade detox salts and soothing reflexology session! You'll feel brand new
Royal Relaxation Special
Become Royalty at Body & Spirit! Start with our sensational skin smooth brush, move into our fan favorite reflexology with detox salts and finish with our aroma scalp massage....ahhhh Nirvana!
Road To Wellness
Relax, Refresh and Renew! This amazing experience combines the BEST of Body & Spirit! Start with Skin Smooth brush, move next into our Signature Raindrop therapy, ease into our fan favorite Reflexology, and slip into heaven for the grand finish of aroma scalp massage!! All of this and our exceptional massage skills....You'll feel reborn!
90 Minute Muscle Therapy
Get relief and re-energize your life with highly skilled muscle therapy approach to your deep aches and tightened muscles holding patterns common in everyday life; feel renewal today!
60 Minute Muscle Therapy
Soothe your aches away with expert therapy at the root cause of strain and pain patterns. Customized approach to common holding patterns of the body.
30 Minute Massage
• 30-minute session • Relieve pain • Increase blood circulation • Soothe aches and pains A quick "pick-me-up" so you can enjoy the rest of your day.
Fresh Face & Foot Reflexology
Renew for Spring! Our signature therapeutic massage WITH Organic salt scrub reflexology for the feet combined with all edible, non chemical, organic face mask will soothe YOUR Body & Spirit!
90 Minute Relaxation
Let your mind drift, your body melt and your spirit soar!
60 Minute Relaxation
• Reduce stress • Highly qualified therapists • Relaxing serene environment • Soothe aches and pains • Customized for individual needs • Identify imbalance and restore harmony
Favorite Things Massage
A truly unique combination of our Signature Therapies ; Massage and Foot Reflexology combined with Raindrop! Our most popular treats in one package?! --Pinch me I'm dreaming!
Hot Stone Spirit Massage
Restore, Relax and Rejuvenate as smooth river stones warm your muscles and ease tensions and stresses, creating the balance and harmony you crave!
Couples Side By Side Rooms
Want to try our premium massage services but not sure which? Couples relax together!! Pair our fully customized 1 hour therapeutic massage with a mini size premium session! Pick between Raindrop, Reflexology, Hot Stone, or Soothing Skin Brush...any selection will have you floating out the door! Catered by Geneva's All Chocolate Kitchen!!
Add-On Aroma Scalp
Soothe tensions and stress from your mind body & spirit with soothing massage combined with all organic therapy grade essential oils. Feel yourself transported to the Relaxation Dimension!
Prenatal Massage
The childbearing year is a wonderful and exciting time! It can definitely put the body through changes. Let us ease your everyday mommy-to-be aches and pains and soothe your senses today!
Signature Raindrop Massage
• Relieve pain • Increase blood circulation • Soothe aches and pains Soothe away stresses, aches, pains and illness with this uniquely detoxifying treatment that will envelop your senses
Add-On Skin Brush Smooth
All natural bristles soothe and smoothly brush the skin; stimulating lymph flow, helping immune,detox, circulation,metabolism AND fights cellulite all while delivering feeling of vitality!
The Pampered Spirit Massage
This. Is. Amazing.!!! Start with our exceptional therapeutic massage and take to the next level with any of the following choices: Mini raindrop, mini hot stone, mini foot scrub & reflexology, mini skin soothe, or mini scalp massage with your choice of essential oil!
Postural Analysis Add-On
Want to improve your health and lifestyle?!? This IS the first step to success! Takes only moments to plan for your healthy future!
The Calm Zone
Free 15 min initial session for your child with autism and sensory conditions ADD, ADHD etc.. Let us restore calm to you and your family! Only With Erin Please**
Guided Imagery Massage
WITH ERIN :Take your massage to the next level! Guided Imagery Meditation is customized for your personal goals! The power of creation of your dreams starts here! Examples clients have used; Personal health Relaxation New Beginnings Creative Spark
60 Minute Athletic Massage
Excel and Achieve your ultimate goals! Through progressive and reflexive stretching, you will be able to reset your flexibility with a trained professional; eliminating strain and injury risk. Pre event will get you primed and post event will aid in quick recovery!
Events Escapes
Want to show your staff how much they are appreciated? Need a large crowd for charity or fundraising events?? Want to help office productivity??? Are you wanting to pair your services with our exceptional massage experts???? ALL ARE GREAT REASONS WE SHOULD BE AT YOUR NEXT EVENT!!! Call or email today for details!
Add-On VIP Booking
Never miss "your preferred time/day" again! As a VIP, it will be YOU that gets your options! It's a fast paced life and you don't have time to wait for BLISS! (You'll be on the books 1st!) Just add to your session and SAVE YOUR PLACE!!
Add-On Avatar Exploration With Erin
Either in person or by phone, if you have 45min to spare you might just CHANGE YOUR REALITY!! Avatar will enable you to look at your goals and how to make them reality! Experience defies description --- you MUST try!!
Add-On Therapeutic Stretch
Allow our skilled therapists to recommend the BEST routine to keep you in flow until your next visit!
Add-On Organica Detox Salts by Erin
Live your Body & Spirit experience at home! Customize your very own Detox AromaSalts and let your bath transform into muscle and aromatherapy! So soothing after a long day! (Choose your oils and Erin will craft your selection with ease!)
Add-On Aroma Enhanced BLISS
Add your choice of our essential oils to boost your BLISS to the next level! Healing properties: Detox, muscle soothing, and relaxation!
Add-On Hot Stone Soothe
Add soothing river rock to warm and ease away tension and worries
Bring Yourself Back Package of 4
The Road to Wellness is Waiting for YOU! Enjoy a combination of our therapeutic styles to see real results in health and Wellness! Your healing journey begins TODAY :-)
The Royal Treatment Package 5 90min sessions
Build your own custom heaven with any OR ALL of our Premium Massage treatments; Hot Stone Spirit, Massage and Foot Reflexology,Raindrop Therapy or Favorite Things (Raindrop/Reflexology combo!) And NEW Road To Wellness Massage!
Massage Triage Package 3 60min
Chronic pain, pulled muscle, injury or just plain worn out?!? With Massage Triage you'll get 3 sessions in 3 weeks ---our formula for a New You!

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