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Outdoor Construction Design

Choose this service for designs of pergolas, patios, outdoor kitchens, walkways, fire pits and anything that involves construction of new outdoor features, even if it also involves landscaping around these new areas!

Free · 1 hour

New Landscape Design

Use this service for adding new beds and designing new landscape to raw areas. These areas may need irrigation as well. Pool landscapes, new beds, new houses would all fit in this category.

Free · 45 minutes

Existing Landscape Re-Design

Book this service for any landscape that needs refurbishment such as adding new plants or changing the design of the existing landscape beds. Also, this would include changing or adding edging to the existing landscape beds and/or re mulching.

Free · 45 minutes

New or Add On Irrigation

Choose this service if you are ONLY needing a bid for adding irrigation. If you need landscape or other construction design in addition to adding irrigation, choose a Landscape or Construction service.

Free · 45 minutes


Pick this service if you are only wanting do fix drainage and grade areas of your property to divert water flow issues. This will include french drains, basins, berms, etc.

Free · 45 minutes

Irrigation Repair

Have a broken head or a faulty sprinkler zone or system? We can fix it! Schedule your service online for our irrigation tech, Devin. We charge $100 for the first hour of service, plus any parts that need to be replaced. We will bill $80 for each additional hour past 1 that he needs to use to fix the problem. Devin will run thru the entire system and fix whatever you need done with your existing sprinkler system.

$100 · 1 hour

DIY Landscape Advice

Want to Do It Yourself but need some advice on what plants do well in our area? Need some inspiration on how to make your landscape or lawn pop? Book this consultation service to bring a landscape guru from Earthtones Greenery to your house and spend up to an hour answering questions and giving yard and landscape advice and information. Pat and Charlie are veritable plant and lawn gurus, who can help you get the info you need to make your neighbors jealous! Its $100 for the hour, plus $50 for each additional half hour. At the end, they'll hook you up with a sweet coupon to use at Earthtones Greenery!

$100 · 1 hour


Charlie Patterson

Charlie is a veritable plant guru! He knows what will grow, how to make it grow better, and if it will grow at all. Plus, his sarcastic wit and good-natured sense of humor makes it fun to talk about plants, dirt, and all things gardening!



Devin is an awesome Irrigation Tech, plus he's super friendly and loves to help customers. That's why he spends most of his time helping customers at Earthtones Greenery when he's not fixing things!


Jordan Pierce

Jordan Pierce "JP" comes to Earthtones Greenery with a wealth of landscape experience in the field. He has managed high profile clients and projects throughout the Metroplex. He is a valuable, new team member at Earthtones Greenery and you'll love his customer service.



Pat is the nursery manager and the guy who orders all the plants and trees at Earthtones Greenery. He's a genius when it comes to what works here in Midlothian, and he can share some serious knowledge on what you can do to improve your landscape!