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Our Services

Private Lesson
For beginner through advanced riders 7+, a private lesson can help to focus on an individual rider's specific needs and goals. Any discipline. Lessons last approximately 45-60 minutes and are tailored to individual rider goals.
Leadline Lesson
For beginner riders ages 4-6, this 15-20 minute lesson teaches children the basics of horsemanship, and includes leading, grooming, equine safety, and basic seat position & steering maneuvers while mounted.
Natural Horsemanship Lesson
Natural horsemanship techniques (ground work) can be beneficial to any level rider of any discipline, and are used to create a stronger, more respectful bond between horse and rider out of the saddle. Horsemanship lessons last 20-30 minutes and are tailored to individual horse/rider needs and goals.
Group Lesson (Pre-Approval REQUIRED)
2+ riders with pre-approval required- No exceptions! $40 per rider. A group lesson can be beneficial to any rider who is able to ride at at least a walk-trot independently. While learning for him/herself, each rider can also learn from watching others. Introductory private lesson required for new clients before entering a group, no exceptions.
Private Lesson (Package of 4)
Pre-Paid & Discounted Package of 4 Private Lessons.
Schooling Ride (Boarders only)
Please have horse tacked and ready.

Our Staff

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