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Acupressure or Reflexology

Acupressure uses the same points and diagnosis as acupuncture but without using needles . Light finger pressure is used on points to bring about a therapeutic effect . Reflexology uses reflexes on the feet to bring about therapeutic effects in the body . Although both are seperate relaxing treatments they are are often used together to provide a gentle but powerful treatment to bring balance in the body in the same treatment session .

$80 · 55 minutes

Telemedicine online first visit

Telemedicine or phone consultations can be done in the convenience of your home or office.

$130 · 55 minutes

Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy is a style of Japanese Therapy that involves balancing the meridians of the body which in turn brings about an internal balance to organs, glands, and tissues. The session is very relaxing for the receiver and involves using thin, painless , needles into Acu points . This is very popular at the clinic and highly recommended .

$80 · 55 minutes

Naturopathy first visit- at clinic

The initial visit will involve pulse/ tongue/ iris analysis and case history . You will be provided with a written report with recommendations on supplements for your health issue .

$110 · 55 minutes


Peter Farnsworth