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Sunless Booth

Pura Automatic Spray Booth for a comptely private sunless experience. Choice of Bronzer {instant results/cosmetic bronzer}-or- Clear {no color rub off}

Starting at $30 · 15 minutes

Extra layer

Add an extra layer for a slightly darker/longer lasting tan (Normal application includes 2 layers with each airbrush session)

Add to any airbrush session $10 · 5 minutes

Airbrush Tanning Session

Full body, including face (unless otherwise specified) airbrush tanning session. Hand sprayed and customized shade for each individual client. [Standard development- 8 hr rinse]

$40 · 15 minutes

Rapid Tan

Hand-sprayed custom airbrush tan using a faster developing solution. Allows you to rinse in 1-3 hours (depending on the desired level of darkness). >>> Please be aware that you will need to rinse at a very specific time, in order to receive your desired shade. And that It can take up to 24 hours, to see the full color development. <<<

$50 · 15 minutes

Competition Spray [Extra DARK]

Hand-sprayed tanning session using a high DHA% solution. One session is perfect for an every day color- dark, yet still very natural. (For competition spray: 2-4 separate sessions, starting 2 days before the show. Please inquire to set up an appropriate schedule)

$50 · 15 minutes

{B}lux Bronze

The ultimate airbrush tanning experience! Includes: custom airbrush tan, hot towels, prep spray, post spray & glass of wine or sparkling juice

$55 · 30 minutes

Wedding Package

2 Sessions (Trial and Final) Hand-sprayed Includes pH balancing (PRE) and moisturizing (POST) sprays for both sessions.

$90 · 30 minutes

CBD add-on

All natural CBD concentrate to balance and restore the health of the skin and body. Achieve the highest quality airbrush tan development. (Avail for hand sprays only) ✨✨ adds hydration to the skin, produces a deeper darker shade and for the most flawless and natural, subtle fade ✨✨

$15 · 5 minutes

pH Balancing PREP Spray

Helps to cleanse and exfoliate the skin prior to sunless tanning application. Helps boost the DHA development; for a deeper, darker color and increases the longevity of the tan. Especially great for oily skin types!

$5 · 5 minutes

Moisturizing POST Spray

To enhance sunless tanning results; locks in color, rehydrates and replenishes lost moisture within the skin. Helps to increase the longevity of the tan with a very subtle fade off. Great for overly dry skin or during the winter months!

$5 · 5 minutes

Lower Body

Hand-sprayed custom airbrush tan isolating the legs & feet

$20 · 15 minutes

Upper Body

Hand-sprayed custom airbrush tan from the waist up

$30 · 10 minutes

Face, Neck and Shoulders

Hand-sprayed custom airbrush tan isolating only the face, neck and shoulders.

$15 · 5 minutes

Tanning Party (for 3-5 guests)

Perfect for bridal parties, special events, vacations or just because. Please indicate total # of guests in your party.

$35 · 55 minutes

Tanning Party (for 6 or more)

Perfect for bridal parties, special events, vacations or just because. Please indicate total # of guests in your party.

$30 · 1 hour 30 minutes


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