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Astrology Birth Chart Exploration

Exploring your birth, or natal, chart is so empowering! Over two sessions we will examine your chart in-depth, so that you can really get grounded in the energies you chose to embody and explore in this lifetime. You will come away more clear about life purpose, relationships, gifts, and how to work with unhelpful patterns and challenges.

You will schedule your first session here and the second via email. $285 · 1 hour

Akashic Record Exploration

Akashic Record readings may focus on your soul blueprint, spirit guides, life situations and themes, or general guidance.

You will schedule your first session here and the second session via email. $285 · 1 hour

Energy Healing

This is a package of 3 sessions of energy work, which is required for new clients. You will select the first session time on my Square calendar, and we'll schedule the others via email.

3 session minimum for new clients. Sessions are 1 hour each. You will book your first session on the calendar, and we'll schedule the others in person. $325 · 1 hour

Energy Healing

Energy Healing single session for established clients only.

$145 · 1 hour

Akashic Record • Spirit Guide Reading

Here you will meet your Spirit Guide team (we all have one) and discover their specific roles in your life, how they speak to you, and how you can work with them in practical ways.

$145 · 1 hour

Akashic Record • Relationship Package

A package of two 60 minute sessions. For any two souls in any kind of relationship. I’ll look at both records and identify karma that is in play, any blocks and limitations in the relationship, the relationship purpose, and best way forward through problems. You must have permission from others for me to read their Record.

You will book your first session here, and the following session via email. $375 · 1 hour

Akashic Record • Life Situation Reading

This is a for those who have had at least one basic Akashic reading with me. Perfect if you want to laser in on one area of life and move the stagnant stuff out! I will get information from the record about what is negatively impacting the question(s) you bring. This reading serves as a follow-up to an initial Akashic reading, like a "tune-up." We can look at: relationships money career health creative projects spiritual/personal development

$145 · 1 hour

Akashic Record • Property Clearing

This reading will identify what/who is in your home (office, land) and what room(s) they are in, plus the energies they are bringing into your life. I’ll clear any trouble spots and give you guidance as to how to keep your place clean and filled with only the energy YOU want and invite.

$99 · 30 minutes

Astrology Relationship Bundle

If you are serious about understanding the dynamics with a partner, sibling, children/parents, or even a business partner or best friend, this deep dive bundle is for you. We will look at your natal chart, the chart of the other person, and the composite, or blended, chart to discover the living energy of the relationship itself.

You will book the first session here and subsequent sessions via email. $375 · 1 hour

Annual Astro Check-In

General annual forecasts can only tell you so much; to really work effectively with current planetary motion you must apply their transits to your own chart. For returning clients, this reading is the equivalent of your annual wellness check. We’ll look at upcoming transits for the year ahead, solar return chart, and progressions as applicable. You will come away with clear, actionable guidance to effectively plan the year ahead. This is a great reading to do a the beginning of the year, on the Winter Solstice, or on your birthday. Prior basic reading with me is a prerequisite for this session, or a thorough working knowledge of your birth chart.

$145 · 1 hour


Elia Seely