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This is a consultation appointment to explain the procedure you are interested in and to give you a plan of care. We may or may not have time to do the procedure on the same day.

Free · 30 minutes

Myers Vitamin Cocktail

Mass amount of Vitamins administered IV to boost immune System. Offered for $95 each during our Coronavirus pandemic. Regularly $149.

Free · 1 hour 30 minutes

Lipo Mino Vitamin Injection

Great to assist with weight loss

Free · 30 minutes

PDO Thread Lift

1 hour 30 minutes

Chemical Peel

1 hour

RSVP Anniversary Party 10/14/21!

Anniversary Party! Please RSVP by selecting this event and select 10/14/21 - Call 719.329.0304 if you have any questions.

5 minutes

Follow Up

Free · 30 minutes


Relaxes facial muscle and neck muscles. Gives a slight brow lift. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating under the armpits, feet and hands).

Free · 30 minutes


Hyaluronic Acid. Soft filler. Good for all areas.

Call Us · 45 minutes


Hyaluronic Acid. Soft filler. Good for all areas. Used primarily to enhance the cheeks. Can last up to 2 years.

Call Us · 45 minutes


Hyaluronic Acid. Soft filler. This is one of the softest filler and is used to add volume to the lips and correct vertical lip lines.

Call Us · 45 minutes


Hyaluronic Acid. Soft filler. Good for all areas. Allergan suggests for Moderate to severe wrinkles.

Call Us · 45 minutes

Microneedling PRP (Bone Marrow Protien Rich Plasma)

This is an amazing microneedling facial that uses Plasma Rich Protien derived from bone marrow, microneedled into the epidermis to build collegen, eliminate fine lines and tighted the skin.

$375 · 1 hour


Spider veins on legs

Starting at $300 · 1 hour

Michael Renee Bradburry

Studio 27 is a physician supervised Botox and Filler Boutique! All medical procedures are performed by Michael Renee. Michael has been a nurse for 35 years and practicing Aesthetics for almost 20 years. INTEGRITY*TRUST*EXPERIENCE