Hi Everyone, Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are only working with clients online. For those with gift cards, the expiration dates are extended indefinitely until it is safe for you to return. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, send us an email with your name and number. Wishing Everyone a Safe Fall Season, John & Kerri aka, the Tranquility Company

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20 Minute Nerve Tonic

Focusing on the triangle of regulation, these shorter sessions can help you settle and find your inner peace.

$36 ยท 20 minutes

Somatic Therapy

Online appointments with Kerri Williamson

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Restorative Bodywork with Kerri

Kerri's modalities include: Esalen Approach to Trauma Esalen-inspired Massage & Deep Bodywork Myofascial Massage Traditional Chinese Medicine-informed Bodywork Integrative Reflexology Nurturing the Mother: Pre and Peri Natal Massage

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Restorative Bodywork with John

John's work specializes in Advanced Myofascial Therapy and Thai Bodywork For clients coming in specifically for Advanced Myofascial Therapy or Thai Massage, please wear comfortable gym shorts or swim suit, or clothing that does not include zippers or lycra. His modalities include: Esalen Approach to Trauma Esalen-inspired Massage & Deep Bodywork Advanced Myofascial Therapy Auth Method FMT Certified Advanced and Basic- Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork Positional Release Technique Muscle Release Technique Pregnancy Massage Therapeutic Chair Massage & Seated Bodywork Therapy

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John Williford

John is an LMBT (#9351) with over 12,000+ hours of hands-on experience and loves what he does. When not at the studio, you can find him exploring life with his eight-year-old, and writing the Great American Poetry collection.


Kerri Online Somatic Healing

For online appointments with Kerri Williamson.

Kerri Williamson

Kerri is an LMBT (#8703) with a passion for providing intuitive and meditative bodywork, trauma healing, realigning uteri, and empowering women. She is particularly interested in the intersection of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Somatics.