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Self Care Reset

It's time for a reset and some past due time for you. This session is designed to assist in achieving a harmonious state of being. Freeing you from fear frequencies that create stress and anxiety which lead to unwanted illness. We'll start with relaxing the body and mind while calming the nervous system with some much needed body work accompanied with energetic balancing. Next enjoy healing accommodations consisting of your choice of a holistic facial or ear candling therapy. We'll conclude with a one on one yoga and meditation session helping with clearing energy, bringing balance and awakening your inner creative intelligence.

Members receive additional discounts $206 · 2 hours 40 minutes

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Get familiar with a system of holistic medicine with thai yoga bodywork. Every session requires a brief conversation consulting on your custom health program and progress. One treatment can result in a systematic change in your metabolism, bringing more oxygen to the blood and balancing energy lines. We work together to reduces stress and enhance sense of wellbeing.

Members receive additional discounts $90 · 1 hour 20 minutes

The Healing Package

Let’s get to work on obtaining wholeness and balance. This service comes with bi-weekly consultations followed by a series of follow up sessions including bodywork to help you stay motivated and know how to reach optimal health. Together we create your custom plan achieving personal healing goals. This package consist of several components that elevate mind, body and being.

Starting at $288 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Herbal Guiding and Consulting

Let’s Chat. Natural herbs can enhance your mind body and well-being. The objective of this consultation is to gain knowledge of herbs and how they restore health and balance based of your individual requirements. Your body needs custom nutrients and attention, learn what that looks like for you.

$47 · 45 minutes

Paris Akanni