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Virtual Steam Session

Includes: Virtual At Home Steam Facilitation Guided Meditation Custom Journaling Exercise Curative Energetic Space The Virtual Steam Session is designed for you to ground and connect with your most intimate space(s). We will dialogue and meditate to release both physically and energetically. All steams will be performed in a confidential, compassionate, nurturing and positive space. By connecting with your intimate well-being, you will be empowered to love, honor and heal yourself. This is truly a transformational and rejuvenating experience.

$77 · 45 minutes

Virtual Spiritual Drive By Session

Unlike years of therapy (nothing against therapy) we will develop immediate, practical action steps to begin BE-ing who we desire, versus lamenting over the mistakes, guilt and shame from the past. Through these profound and transformative sessions, we move from a place of your break-down to the beginning of your breakthrough. Whether it's processing the falling apart a toxic relationship, discovering what practical steps need to be taken to move in the direction of your ideal persona or getting to the root of sabotaging behaviors, We will examine any existing subconscious beliefs and programming. This service is not for everyone. It is for the individual who is ready, willing and enthusiastic about learning a completely new way of looking at life. It is for the individual who is tired of their current situation, and is humble enough to be vulnerable and open to what may possibly be a brand new way of existing. *All consultations are approximately one hour and are done electronically, *

$244 · 1 hour

Virtual Customized Healing Consultation

This service is to design a customized plan of healing for you. We will review your past and current health experiences and concerns and develop a holistic approach to focus your trajectory towards wellness. A lot of times, we are focused on the specific physical ailment and while that is important, we must also be mindful of the other areas of ourselves and our lifestyle which may need an evolutionary plan of action. *All consultations are approximately one hour and are done electronically, A private link will be provided to the client following the session for unlimited access*

$111 · 55 minutes

Megan Macpherson