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You don't find balance, you create it and our purpose is to help you do just that! Ever have the feeling that life is just passing you by? Maybe it's a sense of being overwhelmed when all you desire is a little more peace? Has the idea, much less the practice of any self-care eluded you? If learning how to work with the different stressors in your life while at the same time learning how to enjoy your life more sounds good then you're in the right place at the right time to pick up skills that can last you a lifetime. Welcome to The Serendipitous Soul!
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Our Services

Private Perspectives - General Coaching
A one-hour online or in-person appointment to help you in an area of life where you may be feeling stuck. I've found in my 30 years of working with people that a "shift" in perspective, new ways of looking at and working with things, is all one needs to find some peace or resolution. I look forward to spending a little time with you!
5 Session Coaching Package
This pre-paid package provides the client with five 1-hour sessions giving us the opportunity to really see some results begin to take shape. Online or in-person. Sessions valid 1 year from the date of purchase. $26 Discount applied.
10 Session Coaching Package
This pre-paid, discounted package provides the client with ten 1-hour sessions giving us the opportunity to really work on and with the things you want most. Online or in-person. Coaching for personal, business or both. Sessions valid 1 year from the date of purchase. $100 discount applied.
The Desire Map - Holistic Life Planning - 5 Appointments Package
Looking for a change? Maybe you seek more clarity in what you truly want moving forward. Are you in the midst of life change and want to consider what could "lie on the other side?" Or maybe it's just time to shake things up a bit. I'm proud to be a licensed facilitator for "The Desire Map" and I look forward to connecting with you and helping guide you through various introspective as well as interactive sessions all geared towards living a life designed with intention and heart. Your total wellbeing, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual will be brought into our time together to ensure an outcome you'll be excited to delve into.
Free & Clear - Clarity Coaching - 6 Appointments Package
So much focus on goal-setting is aimed outwardly. Tomorrow. The future. Gotta get there. And of course, a forward perspective is essential for reality-making. But the map that’ll help you get what you want the most is in your cells. It’s not a motivational formula. It’s not something you can get “wrong”. It’s in your pleasure and your dissatisfaction—where the messy human stuff collides with your big dreams. Free & Clear is a guided introspection (and a prelude to The Desire Map sessions if you wish) to look at where you’re at in your life, what’s in your heart of hearts, what’s rubbing your spirit the wrong way, and how you define “free”—before you create your great plans. With that kind of clarity, manifestation becomes a supercharged process. And you can really put your Soul into your goals!
The Firestarter Sessions - Elite Coaching - 10 Appointments Package
Proud to be a licensed facilitator for "The Firestarter Sessions" I'm offering this extensive elite coaching program privately for the first time. This series includes 10 75-minute appointments filled with exercises and insights to help you pursue your dreams with more clarity and intention than ever. We can possess a spark but it can take a bit more to actually fan the flames. I personally went through "The Firestarter Sessions" before I began "The Serendipitous Soul" so I am a big believer in the program. All too often we can have so much passion yet so much doubt at the same time. Understand that defining success on your own terms is some of the most powerful work you can do. I'm honored to take this journey of discovery along with you. In-Person or online appointments available. "Going through Firestarter with Jennifer has been powerful on many levels. The program questions are compelling and Jennifer's coaching exceptional. I am experiencing REAL breakthroughs!" - Leah Beck
Flower Essence Evaluation and Custom Preparation
Welcome to the healing powers of flower essences! During our session, we will discuss emotions that may be getting in the way of you enjoying a more contented life. Through powerful questions and evaluation, we'll determine what single note or blend of flowers you might need to support you best during this time. Cost of the session includes a three-month supply of a custom floral remedy.

Our Staff

Jennifer Raybaud
Jennifer has been self-employed for 30 years. Most of those years holding a leadership position where she oversaw well over 1,500 team members, producing almost $100,000,000 in sales. In recent years, Jennifer opened her business "The Serendipitous Soul" where skills to navigate life with more ease are taught on almost a daily basis. Jennifer enjoys helping people find more peace and contentment in their lives by leveraging tools such as Mindfulness, meditation and more.

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