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Making Space

Making Space is a 60 minute conversation with Shamsi that breathes fresh air into one's life, helps clear the cobwebs from the mind, and maybe cast some sunshine on the soul. Generally speaking, these conversations can involve Oracle Card readings, visitations from Loved Ones who've crossed over, answers from angels, guides, and guardians to questions asked only in one's heart - and more often than not, some combination of the above

$75 · 1 hour

Private movement sessions

Whether it’s bellydance, Dancemeditation™, Pound®, or just a need to understand your own body’s movement - where it is and where you would like it to be - I would like to be of assistance. Prior to these sessions, I need a little information from you. Once you’ve returned the completed form I will send a link so that you can schedule your preferred dates and times (choose from 3).

$90 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Shamsi Charlie Pettus

With compassion, non-judgement, patience and deep-rooted calm, I specialize in breaths of fresh air, rays of sunshine, and wing adjustments. Mostly. Sometimes this looks like helping people to be in their bodies through simple but thoughtful movement. Sometime this looks like leading a group of rowdy fitness rebels through a Pound® session. And sometimes, usually, it's just about showing up and allowing people to feel good to be themselves. I also paint, garden, and bake - sometimes for profit, more often for relaxation.