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Pet Grooming Shears - We Come To Your Salon!

Any two (3) bevel edged shears for $60.00. Curved, thinners or Chunkers included. Additional bevel edged shears are $20/each additional. For newer convex style shears, add an additional $5/each.

Starting at $50 · 1 hour

Salon Shears - We Come To Your Salon!

We're Mobile & come to you! Two (2) shears for $60...additional shears are only $25/each additional. 30 day sharpening satisfaction guarantee!

Starting at $60 · 1 hour

Knife, Hair Stylist, Groomer or Fabric Shear- You Drop Off! One Hour Service

We're now offering our sharpening services where you can drop off your items and get them back while you wait...Knives are $1/inch/$5 minimum, fabric scissors are $10, pet shears (beveled) $15 and salon shears (convex) are $20 We offer a special knife sharpening deal - any 6 knives just $40, additional knives are just $5/each There is a $20 minimum charge

Starting at $20 · 1 hour

Kitchen & Chef Knives - We Come To Your Home!

We're Mobile & come to you! We sharpen any 6 kitchen knives for $49. Additional knves are just $5/each additional. You don't have to be there if you are unable...just make the appointment & we'll send you an invoice you can prepay & we’ll make arrangements as necessary! If you have fabric or kitchen scissors that need sharpening, please tell us in advance!

Starting at · 1 hour

Restaurant/Hotel Knife Sharpening-We Come To You!

We're mobile & come to you! Set up a one-time appointment or an on-going service...the choice is yours. Try our Baker's Dozen Knife Sharpening Special!

$49 · 1 hour


Chas. Warner