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Photography Consultation

Do you need photography? We provide professional photography services for your event/gala. Don't just hire someone to just take snapshots. Hire a professional who knows lighting and how to make every shot a masterpiece. Book a consultation with us now.

1 hour

Videography Consultation

Do you need video? We provide professional videography services using a multi-camera setup. This allows for a more cinematic look. Make an appointment with us today.

30 minutes

Artwork & Murals Consultation

NY's first graffiti artist provides paintings for your collection or your office. Murals can be designed and executed on any wall including the side of buildings. Signatures, tags and creative subway maps are also sold.

1 hour

Surprise Proposals Consultation

We can plan your proposal with you and provide undercover photography and/or video coverage. We have performed this service already in many venues, parks and beaches with extraordinary memories preserved.

1 hour

Photobooths Consultation

Click here if you want to schedule an appointment to discuss how our photo booths can add to your party/event.

1 hour


Flint Gennari