Wax Me Beautiful

Wax Me Beautiful is dedicated to revealing your beautiful skin. Revealing a more radiant and confident you! We use LaLa Wax providing a quicker, more efficient and less painful waxing experience. Offering Full Body Services for both Men and Women. Book your 15 minute Brazilian wax now! Bride Me Beautiful is also excepting appointments for your makeup trial for your special day! By Appointment Only!
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

Eye Brow Wax
Includes brow consultation, wax, tweeze and trim. Eyebrow powder optional.
Special Occasion Airbrush Makeup
Childs Eyebrow
Sideburn Wax
Includes both sideburns.
Cheek Wax
Includes cheeks on face.
Nose Wax
Includes the nostrils. Looks great paired with a lip wax to complete a clean look!
Lip Wax
Includes upper and lower lip. Pair it with a nose wax for an extra clean look.
Chin Wax
Includes the chin.
Neck Wax
Includes the neck
Full Face Wax
Includes the hairline, eyebrows, sideburns, cheeks, nose, lip and chin.
Upper Back
Includes the mid to upper back
Lower Back Wax
Includes the lower back
Lower Arm Wax
Includes the half arm, hands and fingers.
Full Arm Wax
Includes the full arms up to the shoulders, hands and fingers.
Under Arm Wax
Includes the underarms.
Full Stomach Wax
Includes the full stomach.
Stomach Strip
Includes the stomach strip.
Bikini Line Wax
Includes the sides of the bikini and 1" taken off the top.
Full Bikini Wax
Includes as much or as little in the front as you desire.
Brazilian Wax
Includes as much or as little as you desire in the front and the butt strip.
Full Butt Wax
Includes the full butt.
Add Inner Thigh
Usually added on to a bikini wax, it includes an extra 4" on the inner thigh area.
Lower Leg Wax
Includes the knee, lower leg, tops of feet and toes
Upper Leg
Includes the upper legs (thighs) and knees
Full Leg Wax
Includes full legs, tops of feet and toes.
Bridal Makeup Trial
This includes a trial prior to your wedding date. Includes Temptu airbrush makeup application and lash application. To discuss pricing for your wedding day and bridesmaids please call 714-865-8556
Full Back
Hair removal from entire back lower, mid and upper.
Chest Strip
Includes the between breasts area
Full Chest
Includes from lower neck down to right below breast line
Includes both hands and knuckles
Includes both ears inner and outer
Includes both shoulders and middle of the back of neck
Includes both feet and toe knuckles
Butt Strip
Includes the butt strip only, not cheeks.
Upper Arm Wax
Includes elbow up to shoulder.
Hair Line
Includes forehead hairline.
Men’s Full Back

Our Staff

Kirstin Wheeler