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Cassy Jones Studios is a Saskatchwan-based beauty studio specializing in those who want a high maintenance look while still enjoying a low-maintenance lifestyle. Servicing individuals and small businesses looking to improve their aesthetic.

Cassy Jones Studios; offering professional makeup artistry, brow grooming, nail services and *coming soon* spray tanning!
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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

New Brow Henna Client
Please book this appointment first if you have not had brow henna done before. This is specifically to perform a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions.
Brow Henna (With Shaping)
Brow Henna is like tinting on steroids. A revolutionary service that transforms brows with long-lasting colour. While tinting lasts a few days on the skin and up to two weeks on the hair, henna will last two WEEKS on the skin and up to SIX on the hair.
Brow Shape And Tint
Eyebrow Shaping
Brow Tinting
Eyebrow And Upper Lip Waxing
Combine services and save!
False Lash Application
Have trouble applying your own false lashes? Not sure what lash to purchase? Take out the guesswork and have me apply them for you!
Eyebrow Fill
Confident with most of your makeup skills but not sure how to do your brows for an event of photoshoot? Pop in for a quick appointment and we'll get your brows in tip-top shape!
Makeup Application (no lashes)
Full face makeup, just no false lash application. Mascara will still be applied.
Makeup Application (with lashes)
Full face makeup, with false lash application.
Photoshoot Makeup (Includes False Lashes)
Cassy has been doing makeup for photoshoots since 2014. Years of honing her craft has left her with the skills required to make sure you look your best in front of the camera.
Bridal Consultation
This appointment can be done over the phone. With this appointment we can discuss details about your wedding and I will provide you a quote.
A manicure appointment with Cassy keeps your natural nails healthy and beautiful. Choose from gel polish or regular polish.
Sculpted Gel
Looking to add additional length to your nails? Gel nails are a great option if you want added strength. If you want length, Cassy only ever sculpts gel nails. There are no tips and the only time Cassy uses adhesive is to apply crystals over enhancements. There are no strong scents and Cassy can also do many different types of nail art. Not sure she can do what you want? Send her an email with some examples.
Gel Overlay
Are you cool with your current length but want to add some thickness and strength to your nails? A gel overlay is definitely what you're looking for! Nail art can be done as well, should you desire.
Gel Fill
Also called a rebalance, gel fills are required between every 2 to 4 weeks to ensure your nail enhancements don't grow out in a way that could cause damage to the natural nail. During this appointment we will get ahead of any lifting and adjust the apex of the nail to prevent undue stress on the nail enhancement.
Gel Removal
No longer able to maintain your gel nails? No problem! During this appointment an e-file will be used to take down the bulk of the nail. Then a hand-file will be used to get the majority of the enhancement off without damaging the natural nail. The nail with be buffed and a cuticle oil will be applied.
Spray Tan Regular Solution
If it is your first time receiving a spray tan with Cassy Jones Studios, please book this appointment as it allows additional time for a proper consultation. During this appointment you can choose from basic tanning solution (8-12hr developing time). Or rapid solution (1-5hr developing time).
Spray Tan (Rapid Solution)
Don’t want the hassle of waiting 8-12 hours before rinsing off your spray tan? Enjoy the speed of a RAPID TAN! Customize your look on your terms. 1-3hrs for a light tan, 4hrs for a medium tan, 5hrs for a deep tan. Don’t panic when you rinse off and it looks like your tan is gone! It develops over the next 8-24hrs!
Spray Tan Series (Buy three get one FREE)
This spray tan series includes 4 spray tans for the price of three! You will be provided a punch card to track your appointments. Bonus: this price is usually for three regular tans but by purchasing a series you can choose a regular OR a rapid tan for the same price.
Partial Body Spray Tan (Regular)
Just need some of your body done for an event? Partial body includes face and neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, arms, legs, feet and hands. Your torso will remain mostly untouched. Product will be blended to avoid harsh lines.
Partial Body Spray Tan (Rapid)
Just need some of your body done for an event? Partial body includes face and neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, arms, legs, feet and hands. Your torso will remain mostly untouched. Product will be blended to avoid harsh lines.
Complimentary Manicure
The complimentary manicure is available for every makeup application. You may book this only if you are also booking a makeup application and it is valid for anytime the week before up to the day of your makeup application, not after the application.
Brow Henna (No Shaping)

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