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Our Services

Women's Haircut
Enjoy a 5-10 minute in depth hair consultation, hair wash, scissor work, blow out and thermal style and product tutorial.
Color Correction
Color correcting service involving the use of color removers, lighteners, toner, hair bonders, maintenance & care plan. Extra charges may apply if excess amount of hair hair bonder is used.
Beard Trim
Beard trim with lineup, straight razor, scissor, and clipper work to achieve a flattering face shape and style.
Men's Haircut
Enjoy a hair wash, straight razor neck shave, clipper and scissors work, blow dry, product tutorial and a traditional barber shoulder massage.
Blowout & Thermal Stlye
Enjoy a lovely head massage, hair wash and blowout out with Redken styling products. Extra thick, long hair may result in additional charges regardless of age. Thermal styled Curls in addition to blowout may result in additional charges depending on length and density of hair .
Root Retouch
100% coverage of grey regrow up to 1.0” long with Redken permeant cover or color fusion products. Extra thick, long hair may result in additional charges for additional product used.
Partial Highlight
Highlights that are placed every 1/2” on sides of head to crown and placed above ears in back of head that will achieve a lightened, dimensional look with use of Redken shades EQ.
Full Highlight
Enjoy foil placement that starts at nape of neck to front hair line, placed every 1/2” to create a brighter blonde, dimensional style. Includes application of Redken Shades EQ shadow root and toner, blowout and style.
10-15 minute consultation, Custom individually stylized Hair Painting, with application of Shades EQ gloss toner. Extra long thick hair may result in additional charges.
Spiral Perm
Client consultation is required previous to booking service to determine hair type’s eligibility, porosity, and condition for receiving chemical service. Extra long thick hair may result in additional charges.
Teen Queen Haircut 13+
Enjoy feeling like a grownup, with hair wash, blowout and thermal styling with an array of Redken hair care products. Extra, thick long hair may result in additional charge for more product and or time.
Glaze or Gloss Service
Use of Redken Shades EQ gloss available in an array of dazzling colors, including clear to give your hair shine, depth, and translucent tone. Enjoy hair wash and blowout. Extra long, thick hair may result in additional charges for more product and time used.
Color Consultation
15-30 mins complimentary in depth consultation, meet and greet with stylist to determine game plan for any hair dream, answering questions and concerns regarding desired future service.
Double Process Creative Color
Starts with all over application of lightener to achieve canvas for depositing and applying fashion colors, or direct dyes. Long thick hair may result in additional charges.
Bleach & Tone
Application of Lightener to 1” or less root regrowth and toner. Extra charge may occur for extra thick hair if additional applications of lightener or toner are used. $20 per additional units.
Full Head of Foil
Going blonde or platinum with back to back foil placement of entire head placed 1/8” of an in apart. Includes application of Redken Shades EQ toner, Blowout and thermal style.
Half Head of Foil
Back to back 1/8” apart foil placement above ears to crown to hair line to achieve bold blonde non dimensional look. Includes Application of Shades EQ gloss toner, blowout, and thermal style.
Flash Weave
Create Bold highlights with 10 uniquely placed foils on crown of head to add a pop of color. Includes hair wash and blowout. $ 3 per Additional Foil.
Neck Shave
Hot towel, straight razor neck shave and line up with clipper or trimmer. Use of aftershave and traditional barber massage.
Kid's Haircut 12yr-
Enjoy clipper or scissor work, hair wash, blow out and thermal style. Glitter Spray, and 1 streak of wash out hair spray color may be applied for no additional charge. Extra long or thick hair may result in additional charge for extra product and time used.
Bang Trim
Mini consultation, trim with use scissor work and a spray bottle, blow dry and thermal style of bang area only.
Add Haircut with any Service
Only pay $25 to add a haircut to any service

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