Dear valued customers, We ask that only essential people come to inspections. Also, we ask that if someone is sick, coughing, recently come in contact with someone with COVID-19, etc.. then they do NOT come at all to the inspection. Thank you for your patience and support. Thanks, and stay safe!

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Home Inspection (see options below and select size of home below to get accurate price)

Home Inspection: Please allow about 2 - 3 hours for our team to inspect your home. Please ensure we have access to attic, water heater, furnace, electrical panel and all other items that need to be inspected.

13 Options

Older Home (30+ year old) (Book Home Inspection first - this is just the extra charge for older homes)

This is a $30 charge added on to inspection fee for homes that are 30+ years old.

$30 · 10 minutes

Crawlspace Inspection (with Home Inspection)

$50 · 5 minutes

Well/Septic Inspection

2 Options

Pool Inspection

2 Options

Sewer Scope

2 Options

Duct Scoping

Scope a representative number of the HVAC ducts and try to reach the plenum multiple times from differing angles. We take a video of each duct scoped and also take photos. Then we provide you with a written report on our findings.

2 Options

Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing

We clean & sanitize one air handler and upto 10 supply ducts for $350. Extra air handlers and/or extra ducts are an additional $35 each.

11 Options

RE-Inspection (check to see if TRR items were repaired or not - send TRR to

Please send a copy of the TRR to This is an inspection where we return to a home that we had previously inspected for the limited purpose of checking to see if the items listed on the TRR were repaired or not. The TRR is a list of items that the seller agreed to repair for the buyer.

$150 · 2 hours 5 minutes

Well Disinfection and Water Re-Test

Disinfect the well and retest (perform bacteria test) on water to ensure it is safe to drink. We will need access to the well and inside the home. Please avoid contact with or use of the water during the disinfection process.

$250 · 1 hour 5 minutes

EMP Inspection (Electical, Mechanical & Plumbing Only)

This is a partial inspection (not a full-blown inspection. This is where we only check the Electrical, Mechanical (Heat & A/C) and Plumbing in the home or building.

$175 · 2 hours 5 minutes


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