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Astrology Chart Readings

Did you know you actually have three Zodiac signs? Cree offers an in-depth look at your astrology chart and what each house means for your love, career, and spiritual gifts. Please put the time, date, and location of your birth in notes at check-out.

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Tarot or Oracle Reading

A reading can help you gain clarity, perspective, healing, and a deeper awareness. Your reader will consult with you before the reading regarding whether a Tarot or Oracle (or both!) is most appropriate.

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Akashic Records Reading

This is a question-based reading in which we open your Akashic Records to retrieve any information the sitter needs. Includes messages from your Guides, Ancestors, and Angels.

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Reiki Healing Treatment and Energy Assessment

Energy assessment and healing of imbalances in etheric body and chakras. Spiritual Intuitive Healer and Medium Mia Adams can assist with guidance by channeling messages of the Ascended Masters from the Akashic Records.

$85 · 1 hour

Private Classes: Tarot Mastery

Carmen Loup teaches these fun and enlightening classes! We will learn: The history of Tarot Different methods of cartomancy All 78 Rider-Waite-Smith cards The Fool’s Journey Techniques for rapidly learning Spreads and application

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Private Classes: Reiki Certification

Reiki Certifications with Mia includes one Guided Meditation, Treatment and Certificate Included. All materials are included except a “suggested” textbook they would purchase online which is non related to me, it’s just a great book!

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Carmen Loup

Carmen Loup is passionate about teaching and passionate about Tarot! Carmen has been a practicing reader since 2014 and is the author and illustrator of Tarot in Space.

Cree Rogers

Cree Michelle's obsession with the Zodiac began when her mother bought her a shirt in her middle school years. It had Libra written across the chest and the sleeves were each decorated with the positives and negatives of the sign's personality. Not only did she love the way the shirt fit, but it sparked her urge to learn more about the other signs and how they interact with each other! Since then, Cree Michelle has eagerly done chart readings to help others understand their inner workings and what makes them unique!

Mia Adams

Spiritual Intuitive Healer and Medium that can assist with guidance by channeling messages of the Ascended Masters from the Akashic Records.

Serrena Young

We all look for meaning in our lives and better insight into the paths we’ve taken and have yet to follow. Understanding our true selves, our motives, our decisions, and our path forward comes through introspection, experience, and often sudden signs we notice or perceive about our world. Using my gift of intuition, I help illuminate these signs and provide insight into the reality or essential meaning of happenings around you. I work with integrity and HEART. I love what I do, and have been serving others using astrology and tarot as a tool, for over 27 years. I began training in Austin Texas, and have worked in NYC, New Orleans, California, the Northwest, and Now, Savannah Georgia, both in person, and remotely.


Shayla Thomas

Shayla Thomas is a local of Savannah, Ga who have been using divination tools to connect with the divine energies for guidance and healing for about ten years. They have been using oracle cards to help others to reach their profound healing and clarity for five years. They are currently Reiki 1 certified by A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute, a Shaman Priestess by Mt. Shasta Goddess Temple, and is currently studying to become a Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. They are dedicated to empower, teach, guide and heal whomever is open and ready to receive; especially whomever walks through Cosmic Corner’s threshold.