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Our Services

FREE Discovery Call
Meet one on one via phone with Practitioner. During call will touch on what symptoms you are having and see if Functional Medicine is for you.
New Client Medical Consultation
Initial evaluation history, lifestyle, stress level, your environment, family history, and many other factors to get an understanding of your overall all health. This usually also will include time for a blood draw (labs may be at additional cost based on need)
Follow up with provider
Vitamin D shot
Healthy Methyl-B12 shot
IV Therapy-Healthy Revive
A mixture of Vitamin C, B's, Mg, Calcium, Selenium. in 500ml of Fluid Perfect for the person on the go Great for acute illness by enhancing your immune system Great for the Fibromyalgia, Migraine and other Chronic pain issues Kick starts your cells so they are energized to do what they are suppose to do
IV Therapy-Healthy Hydrate
Replenishes Nutrients using a balance of Vitamin C and B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12) in 1000ml of fluid. Fights dehydration Increase energy and performance Replenish nutrients that your body needs or have lost. -Ideal if recently sick and need the extra hydration. -Ideal for Pre and Post operative procedure. The purpose here is to facilitate and expedite wound healing. It provides a counterbalance to the oxidative and other molecular stresses caused by the surgical procedures.
Wellness Shot- Healthy Super B Slim Boost
Vitamin C, B Complex, B12, and MIC Boosts metabolism to promote natural weight loss Encourages Fat Burning, Detox, Boosts Energy, Supports well-being and mood, eliminate toxins. Recommended to be used 1 time per week for 4-6 weeks in conjunction with a healthy diet plan
Wellness Shot-Healthy Detox Antioxidant
Glutathione The master antioxidant and detoxifier of every cell in your body An important antioxidant in plants and animals Prevents damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species, such as free radicals
Wellness Shot-Healthy Energy
Vitamin B12 Natural Energy Boost Converts carbohydrates into glucose in the body Leads to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy Vegan Friendly
Glutathione Drip

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