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As a mindset success coach, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur for 25+ years, Midori Verity uses proven methods to help ambitious professionals replace mental loops for easier, lasting prosperity!

She guides people to breakthrough the mental challenges that have held them hostage, and achieve their goals with ease and confidence.
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Our Services

Thriving Lifestyle Package (for Individual)
We'll review your personal assessment and your Motivators report. You'll discover your negative behavioral loops, and areas where you're a super star, so you finally realize what's tripping you up and how to have greater success! We'll also set up your basic blueprint to get to 90 day goal. Please allow a little extra time. I want to make sure we cover all your most important topics, without feeling rushed.
Thinking Beyond Program for Students
We help worried students get clear and confident on what they want to do. If you're concerned that your child will struggle with financial stability and finding a career they love, this program is designed to solve this. We incorporate a personal assessment, customized coaching, and a plan to help your student develop a • Growth Mindset • Greater Clarity • Higher Self-Confidence So they get very clear on what to do in school and life.
Breakthrough Strategy Session
I'll review your answers to a short survey and chat with you about ways to get back on the right path in your career, relationship, or life.
Complimentary Breakthrough Call
Schedule your call to dial in what's creating the biggest challenge in your career, relationship, or life, and open the door to greater success.
The MOX Life Show Guest
Link for approved guests for 30 minute Shift Show.
30 Minute Virtual Coffee
Connect to chat about life, biz, or confer about solving all world problems ;)

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