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Nicole and Connie Soul Awakening (inPerson)

🌀TUESDAY ONLY💥 Nicole is world renowned for her energy, compassion and healing gifts. Experience Healing, Clarity, Activations, Transformation, and more LOVE Included is a Reading by Connie: Connect to the angels and family members This enhances and brings clarity to your session

$333 · 1 hour

Pet healing+clearing

Nicole clears pets from traumatic encounters from others dogs, injuring, hyper activity, and more

$75 · 30 minutes

Remote Session with Nicole

Distance Energy Healing is based on a pure uninterrupted energy flow that helps activates the natural healing processes in each client's body as well as restores their physical and emotional well-being. Distance sessions by telephone are scheduled for 30 minutes. The session includes an initial telephone call to discuss your concerns and set your intentions for the session. After the initial call concludes, without the distraction of the telephone, you will relax during the treatment process. During this time many client feel the energy work within their body. If not, trust that you are receiving and relax. Your session will conclude at the agreed upon time. Your personal integration and support of the healing session are vital. Nicole requests that you journal. Nicole will periodically check in with you energetically, to support your unfolding journey,

$222 · 55 minutes

Nicole Ashton

Nicole performs heart centered healing work with individuals, couples and groups. Her work is spirit-guided cellular level healing of heart, mind, body, emotions and soul. Read more about Nicole @