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SoleOrganizer, LLC is an Organizing and Lifestyle Consultant who helps you achieve an organized space by assessing the problem and then executing a customized organizing plan to bring forth order.
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Our Services

Complimentary 20 Min. Consultation
This service allows the client to share their organizing pain points and challenges. SoleOrganizer, will discuss the organizing process and how services will resolve their organizational challenges.
Organizing Session(s)
This service provides organizing sessions in increments of four hours. It will be determined during the assessment if additional hours are needed. Pricing varies on the size of space(s) and tasks. Price ranges from $70-$90 per hour The service includes: coordination of donated items where a receipt will be issued, product recommendations, and 45 minutes will be allotted for personal shopping.
During the 30 minute consultation, the organizing challenges will be discussed and space will be assessed. The appropriate plan of action will be discussed and a quote will be provided. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive the detailed assessment which will include product recommendations and organizing solutions that will effectively resolve the problem. The consultation fee is non-refundable but will be applied to the final bill.
DIY/Virtual Services
This service is for the individual who is a self-starter, a go-getter and wants to get organized on their own but requires a little guidance from a professional. This service includes a 45-minute virtual consultation which will allow for the space to be assessed and for the client to share their pain points and goals for their space. After reviewing the space, a step-by-organizing plan, the layout of the new space, and product recommendations will be provided 3 days after the consultation. During the process of getting organized, 30 minutes of virtual assistance will be allotted to provide guidance if needed. After the completion of the project, then a 30-minute virtual consultation will be conducted to assess the space and ensure the organizing plan was executed. After the completion of the project, a check-in via email will occur 2 weeks after the project to ensure the space is being well-maintained.

Our Staff

Jakia Muhammad
Jakia is the Founder and CEO of SoleOrganizer, LLC. Jakia is passionate about helping others get organized and believes that being organized is a lifestyle and not a chore.