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In-Studio Intro Ballroom Dance Lesson

Call to schedule your free dance lesson or book it yourself for $5. During this in-studio / in-person dance session, your instructor will get to know you, your experience and discuss your dance goals. He or she will examine dance options, explain some ballroom dance styles, introduce you to our many dance programs, and teach you the basic steps to your favorite dance routine. After which, we will recommend a dance program personally designed for you and your ballroom expectations.

5.00 $5 · 30 minutes

Intro In-Store Wedding Dance Lessons

Call to schedule your free dance lesson or book your first intro wedding dance lesson yourself for $5. Discuss your dance goals, song selections, and we'll recommend a routine that best suits your experience - customized for you! Learn at your own pace. We highly recommend a package of at least 5 x 50 min dance lessons to best prepare mentally and physically for the big day, especially for ballroom newcomers. Start planning your first dance together online today.

5.00 $5 · 30 minutes

Anastassia Abramenko

Anastassia is an accomplished professional ballroom dancer, dancesport competitor, choreographer and dance instructor with over 20 years experience. In 2014 she opened her Central Florida dance studio, Anastassia Ballroom & Dance, to share the joy of ballroom dancing with others. When you join Anastassia Ballroom, you don't just learn to ballroom dance, you become part of our dance family.