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One Hour Private One on One Consultation

Free Private Consultation at our training center in Evergreen. Come meet us and ask questions. We will help you build a training plan and get you started on the road to a successful relationship with your Friend for Life.

1 hour

1 Hour Private Lesson

For Clients who have Purchased Package Lessons through Friends for Life, Please include lesson number (IE #1) along with your name and your dog's name when booking.

Prepaid Clients ONLY · 1 hour

1 Hour Phone Consultation

During this difficult time we understand the importance of social distancing and want to respect the health choices of our clients. Any prepaid private clients who are not comfortable with One on One lessons at our center are welcome to schedule phone consultations.These calls will not count towards your private lessons and we can resume those lessons when you feel comfortable. In the mean time we will do all we can to provide support to you. We will call you at the scheduled time, please be available. If we call and there is no answer we will try again in 15 min. if no answer you will be charged a $15 "No-Show" Fee. Please be sure we have a current phone number for you.

No Cost · 1 hour

Friends for Life; Holistic Pet Training

Our dog training style encompasses kindness, understanding and science of behavioral learning of our canine companions. We teach humans how to understand, communicate with and teach their pets. We do not use or advocate the use of methods or tools that are designed to force, frighten, or cause pain to train your pet. #NoShock #NoChoke #NoProng Our Trainer/Counselors specialize in positive dog training and work with all breeds, ages and temperaments. We can help with proper socialization, obedience, potty training, off leash work, aggression, leash reactive, separation anxiety, and of course basic commands such as: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and Come! We Strive to help you achieve your goals with your pet with a special understanding of dogs in the home environment. Friends for Life trainers respect the unique relationship that dogs provide as family members. Our goal is to keep dogs in their homes and provide caring, personalized training for each unique situation.