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Star Coaching

Advanced coaching for creating intellectual properties that deliver consistency to customers and reliability to business owners. (Monthly Subscription, cancel anytime)

Monthly Subscription $1,749 · 30 minutes

Premium Support

Get rockstar support for your business's needs with our stellar support team and guaranteed response SLAs.

$500 · 30 minutes

Custom Onboarding

Complete walkthrough for your new system and see how it was designed to be used with outcome scenarios.

$1,000 · 30 minutes

Pro Coaching

Pragmatic coaching for the business owner looking to build asset value in their business processes for customers and owners. (Monthly Subscription, cancel anytime)

Monthly Subscription $689 · 30 minutes

Amateur Coaching

Foundational coaching for the business owner NOT performing well and has NO game plan ... wants to start using systems and create consistency in their business. (Monthly Subscription, cancel anytime)

Monthly Subscription $299 · 30 minutes

Gold Consulting

Refine your brand message and communications for new market entry and deeper penetration of existing markets you're operating in.

$10,000 · 2 hours

Silver Consulting

Redevelop your sales process to improve metrics, increase lead quality and lead management for efficient contact management.

$5,000 · 2 hours

Bronze Consulting

Acquire valuable contacts that deliver value to your bottom line with customer relationship management acquisition services.

$2,500 · 2 hours

Data Management

Cleanup and restructure data for insertion into a CRM system, complete with data mapping and field creation.

2 Options

CRM Planning

Get a tailor-made approach to meet your specifications and requirements so customers never miss a desired experience.

2 Options

System Builds

Custom built systems to filter and organize communications with clients and suppliers for efficiency and maximum performance.

2 Options

Workflow Procedures

Review revenue and track customer processes to see actions performed on-time, within budget and for brand consistency.

2 Options

Private Consultation

√ 1 Hour Private Consultation call. √ Ask anything you like about customizing CRM software to suit your business needs. (The custom GDC CRM Architect Plans were designed by Gary Dobbs for customers of GDC, and in such a way that they can be configured for any CRM software.) √ Learn our methodology on building your Customer Relationship Management system. √ Discover Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Management, Contact Management, Segmentation. √ Discover our models: CRM Value and Priority Model Lead Generation Model Profitable Call Model CRM Blueprint Model

$500 · 55 minutes

Gary Dobbs