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Marketing & Communications Consulting Call

One time consulting call to review existing marketing strategies or brainstorm new ones. This is a one time fee and please email or text me before booking. ;)

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Copy Writing/Editing

Copy Writing or Editing by the web page or document. This includes a 30 minute phone consultation before work begins to be sure I understand your voice and purpose of the copy.

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Website Strategy Call

We'll discuss all things website, regardless of your specific platform. This call is all about strategy and amplifying your platform. We WILL NOT discuss technicalities of your specific backend on your website. Please purchase a WordPress or Square workshop if you need technical help.

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes

WordPress Help

Basic WordPress help. Please email me first to discuss what I can and can not help with if we've never worked together. If we have, you know the drill.

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Coffee Talk Strategy

This is a 30 minute online strategy call for Buy Me A Coffee Patrons. After you purchase Cups of Coffee that meet your budget, book your appointment with this service. I'll then shoot you a quick form to submit before your call so we can best use our time together!

Free · 30 minutes

Soulful Biz Free Consult

A free, 30 minute consultation call to flesh out the seedlings of your soulful biz! This is a one-time service available to members of the Live Simple Lab. Please be sure to download the PDF on the LSL booking page and email that to me before our call!

Free · 30 minutes

Ongoing Comms Coaching

Please book 1-2 sessions each month based on the coaching package we created and you were invoiced for monthly. ;)

Free · 1 hour

Crystal Street

Nomad, photographer, writer, producer and comms consultant for 20+ years. Also fueled by copious amounts of espresso and wandering in the desert. ;)