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Intuitive Soul Mentoring 3 Sessions $699

Enter the Temple 3 (60 min.) Private Sessions (to be used within 60 days) PLUS BONUS ITEMS Email and Text Support ​

$699 · 3 hours

Intuitive Soul Mentoring payment plan $375

Intuitive Soul Mentoring payment plan 3 (60 min.) Private Sessions (to be used within 60 days) PLUS BONUS ITEMS Email and Text Support

$375 · 1 hour

Tarot Reading Session phone or web 35 minutes $197.

Single session readings will quickly address your questions and concerns. Read with an experienced, professional, who can see you at the soul level.

$197 · 35 minutes

Chakra Healing, Womb Cleansing/Clearing + Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer Session 45 minutes $225.

This is a very deep and thorough session that will clear, balance, and align you with the truth of your natural state of conscious awareness. This transformative healing session offers up a potent dose of Spiritual therapy and inner peace.

$225 · 45 minutes

Daughters of the Goddess Tarot Course 8 Week Journey 13 Women

Delve into the Mysteries of the Tarot through sacred portals of the Divine Feminine. Learn the ancient gypsy card meanings for pin-point accuracy and read like a pro!

$899 · 12 hours

Herbal Goddess Intuitive ~ Herbal Wellness Consultation 60 minutes $225.

Herbal Intake/Assessment/ Recommendations Consultation 60 minutes $250. Get to the root of your symptoms. As an Intuitive, Master Clinical Herbalist, Kaira will help you heal at the core level. This translates to greater health, vitality, and joy. Kaira is a double certified Master Clinical Herbalist and Energy Plant Medicine Alchemist. Get to the core of your symptoms and uncover why they are happening. Get relief for your immediate discomfort and then go deeper with an intuitive approach to wellness. Herbalism has it's roots as the foundation of medicine. Whether your issue is physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual, Kaira will help you identify where the problem is how to resolve it. Some of Kaira's specialties as an herbalist are treating; recurring Urinary Tract Infections, Digestive Disorders, Insomnia, Anxiety, Liver problems, Sinus and Congestion issues, and more. Herbs are like people and if we match the right herbs with the right people, we've got a perfect match for Wellness and Wholeness. Herbs, just like us, have constitutions and energetic qualities. Your unique energy, astrological data, elemental make up, personality, past lives,, and early childhood experiences are all taken into consideration when matching the perfect remedies for you. Get relief for you current condition and lasting results for your long-term wholeness and well being. Take the gentle, intuitive, approach to wellness. Schedule your 90 minute session with Kaira to hop on the road to Wellness.

$250 · 1 hour

Herbal Goddess Intuitive ~ Herbal Wellness Follow up Session 30 minutes 99.

Your body is continuously changing. The herbs you need will change as well. For this follow up session, Kaira will help you stay on the path of wellness by making any necessary alterations in your wellness routine and herbal recommendations. This is also a quick check up to make sure your body and mind are aligned with your soul path and what direction spirit is taking you. The Herbs are one of your greatest supporters!

$99 · 25 minutes

Private Satsang with Kaira 35 minutes $125.

Return to the sacred womb of the unknowable through private Satsang with Kaira. Sat in Sanskrit means "truth" and Sang is a shortened form of "sangha", which is community. Come home to the truth of your beingness ~

$125 · 35 minutes

YES Yoga for Youthing

It wasn't until I met a woman from Mount Shasta, CA that I saw we can actually begin "Youthing" instead of aging. It's true! This is our God/Goddess Body and it is not meant to age the way we think. Learn facercise, initiate into Youthing rites, tone the body. Feel and look younger.

$169 · 30 minutes

Give me 3 Yoga Postures

Give yourself the Gift of Yoga through 3 personalized postures specific to your needs. Give me 3 Yoga Postures will change the way you see yourself and life in just 3 weeks. (1 posture per week)

$100 · 30 minutes

Temple Keepers Annual dues

Temple Keepers Ongoing support for current clients and students Free monthly membership to Goddess Meditations online meditation group. Enjoy half off all other programs, including; Learn the Tarot Course, Women's Spiritual Retreats, Seasonal Offerings. FREE Annual Tarot Reading with Kaira 30 minutes

$40 · 1 hour


Kaira Sherman