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******CANNOT BE BOOKED WITHOUT A MANICURE SERVICE - I DO NOT DO REMOVAL ALONE*** —— IF REQUESTED ALONE I WILL DECLINE REQUEST—- Gel removal is FREE if applied by me and reapplied. $10 if applied by another Salon and reapplication with me Overlay, Extensions or Acrylic removal, if applied by another salon. $20

Price Varies · 30 minutes

Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure (Gel Manicure)

***Please make sure to book Gel REMOVAL if needed. If you do NOT book removal your requested appointment time is subject to change or may be DECLINED upon arrival.*** ***Please book Nail Art if you want anything other than just a one color application. *** Service Description: A 4 layer application on SHORT length natural nails.

$60 · 1 hour

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay Manicure

Service Description: A 5 layer application which provides extra strength and support for SHORT weak nails and/or MEDIUM to LONG length natural nails.

$70 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Fill (Overlay or Extensions)

***WILL ONLY DO A FILL OVER BIO SCULPTURE GEL(BIO GEL), NOT OVER ACRYLIC AND/OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT. ***Overlay Fill (2 -3 weeks $65., if set is 4 weeks + old $75***) ***Extensions Fill(2-3 weeks $70., if 4 weeks + old $85***)

Price Varies · 2 hours

Bio Sculpture Gel Extensions (FULLSET)

Adding length to the natural nails by using forms. **NO PLASTIC TIPS OR GLUE IS USED**

$90 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Nail Art

French $10 Gradient/Ombré $25 ALL or ($5/nail) Minimalistic $25 ($3/nail) Semi-Intricate $30 ($5/nail) Intricate $35 ($8/nail) The works $45ALL (ombré,chrome,foil,glitter etc. $10-$15/nail) Chrome $25 ALL or ($5/nail) Stamping $20-$30($3-$5/Nail) Foil $25 ALL or ($5/nail) Glitter(Rock Star) $35 ALL or ($5/Nail) Custom Color $7 Individual nails vary $3-$15 NAIL REPAIRS $5-$8 Please send reference pictures via text to 213.309.0953 before your appointment.

Price Varies · 30 minutes


Susi Gonzalez