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Appointments in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco are available during monthly return visits from Maui.
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At Nicole Burke Skincare we combine the wisdom of the traditional holistic apothecary with modern advanced ingredients, delivered with an experienced healing touch.
Established in 2006, we handpick our products for our clients’ individual needs, selecting from the very highest quality organics for tangible results and a luxurious sensory experience. Issues such as breakouts, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and aging are addressed. Recommendations are given to maintain the health of your skin ~ our goal is for you to know your skin and how to care for it!
Our therapeutic treatments will leave you supremely relaxed with healthy, youthful, glowing skin.

modern ~ organic ~ yogic ~ biomic
*feel good*
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

20min Product Consultation Call
Let's talk to set you up with a home routine that keeps your skin fresh and strong until we next see one another. For orders placed during the call, the $25 fee consult will be applied to your purchase.
Gua Sha 1-on-1 Tutorial, Basic Home Routine
Let's get together, online, for a customized lesson in how to use your gua sha stone to boost your home skin care. Learn a home massage protocol that you can do a few times a week. *Requires a gua sha stone and a face oil, both available in our store.*
Gua Sha 1-on-1 Tutorial, Advanced Techniques
Once you've learned the Basic technique, you can learn some customized moves for your specific needs. Learn to firm, tone and sculpt your face. Remove toxins to promote acne clearing. Gua sha has a vast vocabulary of moves to choose from for melting tension and healthy blood and lymph flow.

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