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Chin Wax

$15 · 15 minutes

Signature RF Vitamin C Facial

Designed to provide a brightening intense hydrated facial with stimulating radio frequency to help improve absorption of products and overall improvement of the skins appearance.

125.00 $150 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Dermaplane Facial

Designed to remove all unwanted facial hair complete with a cleanse, serum and SPF protection.

$99 · 1 hour

New Client Refill - 2-3 weeks from last refill

For all new clients coming from another lash location he/she must have at least 50% of lashes remaining if not it will be considered a full lash set. Price of removal not included.

Starting at $100 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Eyelash Tint - Top & Bottom

(Top & Bottom lashes) Ditch the brow makeup and mascara. Go shades darker or lighter on your brows and lashes to accentuate them for weeks!

$35 · 30 minutes


NJ Licensed Esthetician, Xtremelash and Borboleta Volume Certified, NCAA NJ Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Brow Daddy Certified Brow Specialist and Hyularon Pen Certified.


Owner/Creator, NJ Licensed Esthetician, Advanced Xtremelash & Borboleta Volume Certified, NCAA NJ Certified Permanent Makeup Artist.