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Leading Edge Salon opened for business in Austin in 2004, conveniently located in Central Austin. Leading Edge is owned and operated by noted Hair Artist Kelley Brown, who has over 25+years experience, a Registered Certified Colorist, Certified Educator, and Entrepreneur. Working with world-renowned hair stylists, hair transplant surgeons, and academies across the globe, Kelley regularly attends hands-on training clinics, bringing the best teachings back to you. Kelley has worked in the feature film industry as a stylist and make-up artist. Kelley works with schools as a judge for up and coming stylist. The integrity of her clients' hair is of the utmost importance! She sets and maintains the highest standards in her work, product knowledge and ethics
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Our Services

New Client Consultation (w/o service)
Once client receives a service, the consult fee will be deducted.
Women Haircuts*
Service includes: A specific Certified Organic shampoo and conditioner for each individuals' scalp and hair condition. A precision haircut with a finished-out detailed work at the end of the precision haircut following with a blow-out. All products are Certified Organic and specified for each individual client.
Men Haircuts
Haircut for men include certified organic shampoo and conditioner for individual scalp/hair needs, with a hot towel treatment w/ aromatherapy. We then rinse the hair, following a blow-dry and style.
Haircut - Children
Haircut for children (under 10)
Hot Towel Treatment with Aroma Therapy ; Scalp Massage (30 minutes)
A total relaxation package! Clients' choose from a variety of aromatherapy oils of their choice. The client will receive 30 minutes of neck, shoulder, and a scalp massage.
3D Eyebrow Embroidery
Eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent pigment that's pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing hair (if there is any, that is) and create bolder, natural-looking brows.
Bang Trim
A bang trim does not include any type of shaping other than the bang area.
This is typically the service requested for weddings, prom and special events.
Hair Extensions (Quote @ Consult)
This is a one color process. The color may be used to cover new growth (also known as:roots) No more than 2 inches of new growth.. Or, all over one step color (virgin hair). Hair that has never been processed!
Color and haircut*
One step process followed by a precision haircut
Color (Semi-Permanent)
This is a semi-permanent color which last 6-8 weeks.
Color (Semi-Permanent) and Haircut
A semi-permanent color is a color that lasts 6 to 8 weeks.
This is an added color that is applied typically after using bleach w/ highlights. This makes the color look more natural. I will inform you if this is something needed for your color.
Toner or Primer with haircut*
A toner is used after a bleach process or to neutralize unwanted color tones.
Partial Highlights (1 color)
A partial highlight are foils placed in three sections. Section one: top section of head until the head rounds to the back of the scalp. Right side of clients head from front of the ear to the top of the head, duplicated on opposite side.
Partial (color between foils) and Haircut
Single color for highlight, then immediately applying the second color in between foils. Precision haircut following with detailed finish out. Followed by blow-dry.
Partial Highlights w/ haircut*
A partial highlight are foils placed in three sections. Section one: top section of head until the head rounds to the back of the scalp. Right side of clients head from front of the ear to the top of the head, duplicated on opposite side. Precision haircut follows.
Partial Highlights: (2 colors) w/ Haircut
This service allows 2 colors for their partial highlight.
Full Highlights: (1 color)
This service is a single (one) color highlight.
Full Highlights (1 color) with haircut*
This is a single color highlight, following after your precision haircut, blow dry and style.
Full Highlights: Marbleize (2 colors)
This service includes a variety of two color choices for their highlighting service.
Full Highlights:Marbleize (2 colors) & haircut*
This allows the client 2 color choices with their highlights following a precision haircut
FHL/ Tortoise Shell (3 colors)
This service includes a variety of 3 colors for your highlights. I recommend this service if you wait 3-6 months between services.
FHL/Tortoise Shell (3 colors) with haircut
This is the Ultimate Service for those who want that perfect color and cut without substitute.
Full (3 colors) with in between color
This is the Mack Daddy of color services. This process has 3 variety of highlighted or low lights with color in between the foils.
Specialized Conditioning Treatment
We first analysis the clients scalp and hair. Then pick the best shampoo and conditioner for the clients' hair. After shampooing the clients scalp and hair, we place them under a heated dryer for 15-30 minutes, Rinse. Blow-Dry for a finished look.
Global Keratin Treatment
Specialized Conditioning Treatment w/ Haircut
Shampoo/Conditioner, Blow-out and choice of curls/flat iron/or combo.
This service offers added styling services needed for a complete finished look whether you desire added curls or to have your locks straightened.
Bleach (Touch-Up)
Bleach (Touch-up) with haircut*
Double Bleach*
Double Bleach and haircut*
This is a two step process of using bleach.
Color Correction (per hr.)
The amount of time required will be determined at the time of consultation.
Color Correction w/ Haircut*
Global Keratin Treatment and Haircut*
Conventional Perm*
Piggyback Perm*
This is the Mack Daddy of body wave curl. This is perfect for the woman who is looking for that soft beautiful curl. This is perfect for the woman who has hair below her bra strap.
Spiral Perm*
Spiral is the type of technique used for putting curls in the hair. This gives the S shape curl. Mostly done with longer hair.
Chi Transformation*
This was the first transformation system on the market. This is what Opera W. used to get her locks straight. Wonderful product! NO DAMAGE!
Chi Transformation and haircut*
The Chi Transformation is the least damaging for permanently straight hair or just getting rid of frizz.
This is a clear coat gloss used to help maintain color results longer. It also helps with humidity.
Transparency and haircut*

Our Staff

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