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High School Math

Services include: Algebra 1 (all levels), Algebra II (all levels), Geometry (all levels), Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics Note: AP Level Classes - $70/hour

$54 · 1 hour

SAT/ACT Preparation, AP & College Level Courses

We offer prep services for many standardized exams including the SAT, ACT and AP exams among others. Please email or call to set up a plan for your individual needs.

$70 · 1 hour

High School Life Sciences

Services include: Biology, Environmental Science

$54 · 1 hour

High School Physical Sciences

Services include: Chemistry, Physics, Freshmen Science

$54 · 1 hour

High School Level English

Services include: English 9 - 12, Creative Writing Note: AP Level classes - $70/hour

$54 · 1 hour

Foreign Languages

Spanish. Call for other languages

$54 · 1 hour

Study Skills

Services include: Middle & High School subjects. Please call/email for details: 207-883-9707,

$54 · 1 hour

Middle School Math

Services include: 6th - 8th grade math all levels

$54 · 1 hour

All Subjects K-5

Services include math, reading & writing. Please call for specialized requests.

$54 · 1 hour


Brian Nickless

Economics, English, Study Skills


Chandan McCall


Cheri Poulin

Study skills; English, all levels; SAT Reading and Writing prep; college application essays


Chris Hayward

ACT & SAT Math, All levels of high school math. Math Praxis exam, Please call or email for specialized requests


Cynthia Kurtz


Denise Blain

SAT/ACT English & Writing


Emily Balaban-Garber

French and Spanish


Erica Diesl

Calculus (all levels), Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, Geometry, Algebra I (middle and high school), Advanced Middle School Math, Physics, SAT/ACT Math Prep, Basic Statistics, Chemistry


Helene Adams

High School & College Chemistry, High School Biology (college prep), Freshman level high school physics


Jakob O'Neal

Math through Precalculus & SAT prep


Kerry Knott

Study skills; all middle school math, Algebra 1, Geometry


Kitty Jones

All Subjects K-5


Lise Foster


Matthias Case

All levels English, SAT English, middle school math, Study Skills


Mira D'Amato

Study skills; English, all levels, including college; Humanities; SAT Reading and Writing prep; college application essays; all things k-5


Paul Johnson

All High School Math, Physics, SAT/ACT Math Prep